Is There a Better Alternative to Juicing in the Morning?

 It seems that every one knows the health and weight loss benefits associated with juicing, but little do they realize they are leaving a lot of the nutrients on the table. When juicing, you are in essence “squeezing” the juice from the plant or vegetable.

 What people don’t realise is that they are leaving most of the nutrients on the table when they discard the pulp. The pulp offers key nutrients and carbohydrates that keeps your body fuelled and feeling full for longer.

The Problem with Juicing

While people are able to lose weight and detoxify their bodies in the short term there’s one major problem – it’s not sustainable. Why? The underlying reasons a person begins juicing is to revers habits often built up over a life time of over eating and eating the wrong types of food. People soon find themselves becoming hungry and falling back into the same traps.
As juicing contains little to nothing in the way of dietary fibre, your body has no fuel to burn, reverting to your fat cells. Juicing combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise can be a potent recipe for burning up those excess fat stores – but not through Juicing alone.

Introducing the Bullet Blender

There is a new craze seeping through department stores and it’s called the bullet blender. You might have seen the infomercials on TV demonstrating the feet’s they are capable of. They are strong, durable and capable of producing some truly amazing smoothies. If you’re a creative like me, you’ll have no shortage of options.
Unlike Juicing, you are including the pulp of the produce into the health nutritious drink. When doing so, the blender breaks down the fibber of the plant materials – releasing all the nutrients stored within.
Using a bullet blender, you can add ingredients such as nuts, seeds, oats and grains, as demonstrated in many of the articles on the Assuming you select the right tool for the job, it will be incorporated into the smoothie. You also have the added benefit of adding ice to chill your smoothie on a hot day.
Some proteins used by body builders such as casein can be challenging to shake up into a drink due to its thicker consistency. Using a combination of the ingredients listed above gives the drink add taste and health benefits.

What Type of Bullet Blender Should You Consider?

When selecting a bullet blender, there are some thing to look out for. Before selecting a bullet blender, it’s a good idea to brain storm what you think you will be putting into the machine. Some of the items on your wish list might include protein powder, nuts, oats, ice, frozen berries, kale, spinach leaves, chia seeds, water and so on.


The first major consideration you need to take into account is Power. You need to make sure the blender you select will have the power to tackle what you plan to though into it. If your list contains soft ingredients such as avocado, spinach leaves, water and so on – a blender on the lower end of the market (200 – 600-watt motor) will suit you.
Adding items such as nuts, seeds, frozen berries and ice will be more challenging, and will require a little more grunt to process. For these types of ingredients, you should consider a motor containing 600 – 900 watts of power. For tricker items such as kale, you should be looking for a 900 – 1,200-watt motor or more.


Next, you need to consider functionality. As each year goes by, more blenders with improved functionality and offerings are added to the shelves. If you are after a blender who’s sole purpose is smoothies, a bullet blender is ideal.
If you require hot soups, you need to look towards a blender that offers a pitcher of a jug that will allow the building steam to escape. Adding hot ingredients to a bullet blender will end in disaster (as seen by unhappy amazon customers).


These blendersoften come with a host of goodies including extractor blades, cups, lip rings, sealable lids, recipe book and instruction manual. No blender package contains the same ornumber of added accessories as seen in this Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet comparison.Depending on your needs, some of these blenders can double up as a coffee grinder. In this case, you’ll want to keep you eye out for a blender with a milling blade attachment. If you think you’ll be using the machine multiple times a day, you might want to consider a blender with multiple extractor blades in the event one should fail.If you are a large family or person on the go, you’ll want more cups or at lease cups that come with a flip top lid (select manufacturer offer this). This makes sure you don’t run out of cups and you can take a traveller on the way to work.

Final Thoughts

While juicing is popular and has a lot of associated health benefits, you often waste a lot of produce in the creation of your juice. You leave all the fibre behind along with the majority of the plant’sfibre and nutrients.

When utilising ablender,you incorporate the whole plant into a nutritious smoothie, releasing more of nutrients in the process. You have more ingredient options to choose from and when consumed, leaves you feeling satisfied and energised.

With all the options out there, make sure you select a blender that suites your personal or family’s needs. When properly researched, you’ll soon discover there an option out there for everyone!
Here’s to your health : )
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