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Is This Massage Gun Better Than Theragun?
Friday, 22 January 2021

Getting a massage gun is one of the best self-care gifts you can give yourself. It's handy, efficient, and provides percussive therapy at home. With this tool, you don't need to go out for a massage anymore. As this device relieves your achy muscles and joints, it also speeds up your recovery for the next workout session.

Due to its health advantages, massage guns became an undeniable trend. More importantly, they're here to stay. Celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and professional athletes from all over the world have already jumped on this bandwagon. In response, various companies have come out with their own version of percussive massagers.

Among these new massage gun brands, one brand has been the buzziest: the Hydragun.

Hydragun combines percussive therapy and customizable ease in one device. It's designed to boost your recovery and performance. Whether you're an hardcore athlete or just someone who exercises a couple times a week, this massage gun can work for you.
With impressive features setting itself apart, Hydragun's the newest contender in the fitness world. But how does it stack up against the granddaddy of massage guns, Theragun?
This article shall discuss the differences between Theragun, the pioneer, and Hydragun, the groundbreaking newcomer. Which one is better? What are the pros and cons?
Let's weigh in.
Before we start comparing, let's quickly go over how massage guns work. While the device is a modern global trend, the therapy on which it was based has been practiced for more than a century.

How do Massage Guns Work?

Percussive therapy, also known as vibration therapy, is a deep-tissue massage method dating back from the 1800s. It involves using quick, rhythmic vibration on the targeted muscle areas. The result? Blood flow is improved, allowing the muscles to relax, and pain is relieved. .
Fast forward to the 21st century, and now we have massage guns. These recovery tools are the modern, portable version of percussive therapy and provide the following benefits:
  • It promotes blood circulation, according to a 2011 crossover trial study.
  • It helps with the body's lymphatic flow, pushing out toxins from your blood efficiently.
  • It invigorates your nerve endings; a helpful point for those experiencing stiffness and chronic disorders.
  • As confirmed by a 2014 research study, it decreases soreness in the muscles after strenuous activities .
  • Due to its targeted pulses, massage guns help improve range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility.
  • It aids with recovering from muscle trauma and injury.


So is Hydragun really better than Theragun?

Theragun might be the first massage gun in the market, but Hydragun has actually raised the bar on many of its device’s aspects:

Customizable Settings

Everyone always wants a tailor-made experience. Fortunately, Hydragun aces this factor.
When you turn the Hydragun on, you can adjust its intensity easily. Hydragun has 6 speed levels that give you a customized massage experience. You can start with a low 1200 rpm, then raise it up to 3200 rpm. It doesn't go from 0 to 100 right away, which many users can appreciate.
With Theragun, there’s less room for adjustment. Their newest model, Theragun PRO, has 5 speed settings. It begins with 1750 rpm, then reaches a high 2400 rpm. This limited range in speed provides a less customized experience.

Low Noise Level

The main issue with massage guns is the noise it produces. For one, they're usually as loud as a power drill. Many customers find it inconvenient to bring a noisy massager anywhere.
Hydragun has a noise level of 30-50 dB. It means that this massage gun is almost as quiet as a refrigerator. You can use the Hydragun without disturbing anyone at home, work, or the gym.
Meanwhile, Theragun PRO’s volume averages at 65 dB. In layman's terms, it has the same noise level of an electric shaver. It's an attention-grabbing device. Although Theragun PRO is 55% quieter than its earlier versions, it’s still way louder than the Hydragun.

Lightweight and Portable

Looking at the two brands, Hydragun stands out as the best choice for those who prefer lightweight massage guns.
With a total weight of 2.3 lbs, it's easy to use the Hydragun anywhere. Your grip won’t slip with this device - thanks to its nano silicone handle. It also comes with a carry case that holds the gun and all its accessories, for people on the go. Lastly, Hydragun is comparably smaller than other brands, making it easy to carry around in your backpack, or placed in your gym locker..
In contrast, Theragun is a little heavier at 2.9 lbs and because of its design, takes up more space. While it does come with a carry case, only the gun fits in it and the accessories need to be put in a separate pouch.

Long Battery Life

On average, Hydragun has a battery life of 3 to 6 hours. This means you can get several days’ worth of massages on a single charge.
On the other side, Theragun falls a bit short in this category. Their massage gun provides two rechargeable batteries, with 75 minutes for each one. In total, using a Theragun can last up to 150 minutes only.

100% Worth the Money

Your final choice comes down to your budget. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to shell out for a massage gun? Are you getting something that's entirely worth the price? It's best to evaluate the two brands before making your purchase.
The Theragun costs $599, which puts it at a premium product level. While there’s no denying its design and effectiveness, for that amount of money - they could have thrown in a better storage bag at least. Their massage gun’s speed range and battery life are also lacking.
Meanwhile, for half the price, Hydragun can provide premium benefits and more. At $299, you can get muscle pain relief, lower noise levels, and complete ease of use. It’s also durable, with a battery life of 3 to 6 hours.

In Conclusion

Theragun and Hydragun are both excellent in providing percussive therapy. They also have similar purposes. Depending on your fitness needs, you can go for either of the two. However, which one is the best?
Theragun was the first massage gun invented in the 21st century. It has a long history and guaranteed health benefits for every user. However, you can also gain the same benefits at a more affordable price.
If you're searching for the ideal massage gun, then Hydragun is perfect for you. It balances quality and affordability. With Hydragun, you can reap the benefits of a premium massager at half the price of other leading brands.
While it's relatively new compared to Theragun, it doesn't fall short on providing quality service. Hydragun could very well be the best massage gun Australia has right now. The only way to find out of course, is to get one for yourself.
Image credit: Hydragun


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