Is Vagina Tightening Worth Doing?

 Vagina tightening is a practice that’s become a lot more popular in recent years. Woman are turning to pelvic floor exercises or even surgery in an effort to “tighten” their vaginas. But is it really worth doing? To answer this we’ll look at the reasons, methods, risks, and benefits around vagina tightening.

Why Do Woman Tighten Their Vaginas?

It’s been plugged by companies that sex loosens the vagina so they can get away with selling you products and making more money. However, some woman really does feel that sex improved for both them and their partner after they got their vagina tightened and giving birth, particularly multiple times, can cause the vagina muscles to stretch permanently. As a result, the popularity for a woman to follow these vagina tightening techniques are on the rise.
How is it done and what are the risks?
There are several methods on the market for the woman who are looking to tighten the muscles around their vaginas for more details you may check Surgery is one way of doing but it’s very expensive and isn’t really recommended by doctors unless there was a complication during childbirth like a vaginal tear so it's likely you’ll have to go to a private plastic surgeon. That option is a risk in itself as there’s always a chance of botched plastic surgery and vaginal surgeries can also create risks if you choose to have children afterward. Therefore it’s very important that you do as much research as you can on surgeries before you go ahead with them.
There are also vagina tightening pills and creams on the market, but most gynaecologists don’t believe that they’re likely to be façade to get you to spend your money. Particularly the pills as there’s no way biologically that anything to digest orally is going to affect your vagina and some of the creams available are more likely to cause infection than anything else
However, pelvic floor exercises are a great, proven way to help improve the strength of your vagina muscles, thus tightening the vaginal area. They can also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles but also your organs in the pelvic floor area (the bladder, uterus, intestines etc). Not only that but they’re proven to improve sex and help create an easy vaginal birth for you if you plan on having children. There are many different ways of exercising your pelvic floor, most of which you can do in the privacy of your own home.
Is it worth it?
If you’re only looking to improve sex by tightening your vagina then yes, going down the route of doing pelvic floor exercises often is certainly worth it. On the other hand, other options like surgery aren’t genuinely recommended by doctors, unless needed, due to the high-risk factor.
Regardless of what you decide, what you come up with is your decision and your decision alone. Just do your research and make sure you have all the facts before you make up your mind.
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