Kratom Capsules Vs Powders, Why You Should ChooseCapsule Pills Instead of Powder

 In this article, we’re going to discuss kratom pills vs. powders, and give you some good reasons why you should choose capsule pills instead of powder. 


 Many people are switching to kratom pills who started on powder for numerous reasons (which we’ll discuss soon enough), and new users are opting for the pills instead of powder because of the ease of use, the ability and confidence that their dosage is already set for them (most companies that have excellent quality imported kratom don’t cut their product, and offer only carefully measured doses in order to maintain usability and safety of its consumers).  This is true when you visit

The Good, the Bad, the Powder

Powder is still one of the most common ways to take kratom. Most people make a concoction by putting their dose in water, mixing it, then slamming the drink down. The downside to this, is that depending on the strain they receive and try, they could actually be doing more harm than good by not measuring the dose by the alkaloid content. However, not only this, but most users will admit that even though they take it, they don’t like the taste of it.

When you have powder you can have the option to make your own pills, but that is extremely time consuming and messy. Otherwise, the product itself takes more time than just taking a pill that gives you the same effects. And while the side effects start to work faster, in most cases they don’t get to experience the “time-released” effects of taking the kratom in pill form. This all being along with the dosage information above. Some users also like the fact that they can easily test the product to make sure it’s pure kratom.

Enter the Medicine Man

With pills, there are so many more conveniences to having the pills versus the powder form. Why? Because most people don’t want to take the time to drink the stuff. We all live busy lives, and we can always break open a capsule and test it. If you’re going to stick something in your mouth, you should probably know that it is what it says it is, right?

Not only this, but the doses are already measured out for you. As time has been progressing, and more people are turning to kratom, they’re realizing that this is a great convenience that the powder just doesn’t offer. And it’s easier to conceal in a pocket or purse so you can just get it out and take it later, and a lot faster.
One other excellent benefit that has been constantly reviewed on is that kratom capsule pills have the tendency to take longer before they kick in, but have longer lasting effects. When you’re taking kratom for pain, you want the pain relief to last as long as possible, and most of the time, it can last from 4-8 hours.


No matter when you’re using Kratom capsules, or where you’re purchasing it from, that you know what you’re purchasing. Read plenty of reviews and testimonials, like those you see at Kratom Country and other websites. This is very important because companies like this want to give you the best quality product, and the best customer service experience possible.
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