Last Month of Pregnancy: How to Survive It

The wait cannot seem to be over. Are you in the last few weeks of pregnancy? Does it feel like it is never going to end? You feel uncomfortable as soon as you get close to the due date. Well, this is what it feels like when you are in the last month of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is all about an overwhelming experience. New mothers find immense happiness in the fact that they are carrying a child. However, as months go by, and they reach the last week of pregnancy, they begin to think “how to survive the last two weeks of pregnancy?”

Well, if you are in the 9th month of your pregnancy, then you have reached the right place. Here you can learn tips to survive the 9th month of pregnancy.

How to Survive the Last Month of Pregnancy?

The first pregnancy is always a challenge. New soon to be mothers find it hard to adjust. The changes are abrupt, and it seems hard to keep pace. However, some tips can help women to ease the pain felt throughout the pregnancy. Learn more on this site about week by week pregnancy. This would help new mothers to know the different development stages during each week.

The following are some tips to help you have an answer to “how to survive the last few weeks of pregnancy?”.

Prepare to Go Beyond the Due Date

You might find women telling you that they carried their baby in the 37th week. While that might be you too, there is a probability that you might go beyond the due date. Due to this, the 9th month of pregnancy is hard.

When it comes to waiting to go into labor, many mothers become impatient. So prepare yourself that you might go over the due date. However, you should keep the baby bag ready in case your baby might surprise you.
Hope to Take Carry Your Baby to the Term

The last week of pregnancy is hard for every woman. While many are past the stage of morning sickness, nausea, swelling, etc., many go through other hormonal changes that make them frustrated.

No matter how much you want to hold your baby, but keep praying to carry your baby to the term. The more he/she stays in you, the healthier he/she is. So it is better if you do a full term as it will give you a healthy baby.

Do Not Cancel Plans

Do not hit the pause button if it is your 9th month of pregnancy. Many women hit the pause button as soon as they enter the last month of pregnancy. Fearing that they might go into labor, they avoid going out and cancel plans.

If you want to survive the pregnancy, you would want these nights out. Planning events would give you something to look forward to other than the arrival of your baby. The more you think about it, the more anxious you will get. So do not cancel plans and instead do the opposite.
Bond with Your Other Children

Soon your children would have divided attention and love after the baby has arrived. This is the time when you can give your child undivided attention. You can be with your child and prepare them for the new arrival.
The children often feel left out when a baby is born. To avoid any jealousy, you must make sure that you prepare your child and bond with them, so they do not feel strange.
Sleep as Much as You Can

You might want to hold your baby right now and just get done with the long wait. However, once you hold your baby, you might have to say goodbye to sleep. After the baby is born, your sleep hours would be affected, and you might not get a chance to sleep properly.
The last month of pregnancy is a bonus, and you can use the time to sleep as much as you want. So take plenty of rest and make sure you are ready for the new arrival.

Prepare the House

During the 9th-month of pregnancy, women just wait to go into labor forgetting about all other important stuff. You can use the last week of pregnancy to prepare the house for the new arrival.Get busy so that your mind does not obsess with the idea of labor. You can start preparing your little one's room. Take the bed sheet and change the paint of the walls. You can décor the house like you have always dreamed of.

Stop Surfing

This does not mean that you are not allowed to use the internet. You can go online, but do not compare yourself with other women. This would only make you sad and anxious. If you want to survive the last month of pregnancy, then it is better to shut off yourself from any forum that gives details about such stuff.

Focus on Yourself

You might have forgotten it, but you need some attention too. The last month of pregnancy is the time when you can get wax, eyebrows done and some massage to help you prepare your baby’s birth. So pamper yourself so that you can get through this phase.
Pregnancy is not a piece of cake. While many women feel energetic throughout the pregnancy, for some, the last month of pregnancy is lethargic. These are some tips to help you get through the pregnancy.

Remain Positive During Pregnancy

There is a lot that goes on when a woman is pregnant. There are hormonal changes, and more than half of pregnant women have morning sickness. The last month of pregnancy is quite challenging. You need to remain positive in the last few weeks of pregnancy. You have come this far, and you will be able to carry it to the full term. Staying positive can affect the mood and help you go through this phase smoothly.
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