Lavender Essential Oil – An Effective Mantra of Healthy Life

 What is lavender oil?

Lavender, a type of flowering plant, generally flourishes during the month of June. Once the flower blossoms, the plant is taken from the field to a laboratory or refining center where it goes through multiple processes from which the lavender essential oil is extracted. These flowers have a long history in terms of their aroma and have been an essential ingredient from an ancient period of time due to their magical fragrance. Scientific researchers have also confirmed that this scent could be very relaxing for the body.

 Study says, this flower has a specific type of compound present in it, which could help us to get rid of anxiety issues, as it passes directly to the brain from noses. Hence, this flower has huge implications on various fields, and now different products are being made out of it such as perfume, body sprays, lotion, scented candles, body wash, and also different aromatherapy oils. One such reliable product is Young Living Lavender Oil, which is well known in the market of France and America.

Manufacturing oils from lavender plants:

Through different processes in the laboratory, this oil can be manufactured, which are as follows:

1. Distillation- In this process, the plants are put in a boiler and passed with steam in low pressure. This generates heat which essentially breaks the flower pockets and makes them loose. The flower pocket which actually contains oil becomes free. Then a cold water tube is passed through the center which basically captures the condensed oil which later got settles separately. Once the oil is collected the remaining water, which contains the fragrance of the plant can also be used in different beauty cosmetic products. By this process, the essential oil can be obtained in its purest form.

2. Expression – By this process, the oil is being pulled out from the flesh and seeds of the plant by applying pressure on it. This is basically crushing the whole plant and extracting oil out of it, the same as the process of olive oil extraction.

3. Enfleurage – This procedure is rarely used now a day as it’s very costly, also the format is pretty old and time-consuming. In this process, the flower buds are kept on warm fat sheets which usually absorb the oil. Earlier, animal fats were used, but later, this was replaced by vegetable fat. This is an iterative process that goes on until the whole fat is injected with fragrance. Finally, the fats are thrown out just leaving the essential oil behind.
The points mentioned above are ways of extracting essential oil naturally, but apart from these also it can be processed chemically with the help of carbon dioxide, hexane, and methylene, etc.

The usefulness of lavender essential oil:

  • Reducing stress: As the lavender essential oil contains terpenoids that have strong anxiolytic capabilities, which helps to relax and also nervous tiredness slows down if the oil is applied in the water for the bath. By applying the oil on the forehead, it helps in reducing migraines problems, headaches reduce tension, and keep the body calm. After different studies, it has been proved that the oil not only works in stress but also aid to anxiety.
  • Acts as a healing agent: In case of sunburn, cuts, irritation in skin lavender oil acts as the healing agent over the affected areas. By rubbing oil on the burns, it works instantly by healing the tissues, and the blood starts to circulate fast and provide relief.
  • Helps in case of insomnia: People who suffer from problems due to less sleep, it’s a good option for them. By rubbing oil on a bed sheet or pillow covers before going to sleep, it helps in having a good sleep, which is also medically proven.
  • Helps in hair care: The oil is very effective in case of hair loss due to some diseases like alopecia where the body is unable to control the hair loss and its growth. In this situation, if a lavender essential oil is applied on the scalp, then it’s very helpful and also, the hair growth increases. Not only this, but it also keeps hair clean from lice and nits.
  • Relives from pains: This oil is applicable for any pain in bodies such as muscle cramp, backache, sprains, and joint pain. Regular usage of the oil by rubbing it on the muscles provides fast relief.
  • Treats acne: The lavender essential oil kills bacteria and clears the infection that causes acne. Acne could be an embarrassing situation for the young generation, especially during puberty. Therefore, by applying this oil on acne, it can help in reducing it.
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