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Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Ontario Dentists
Monday, 14 June 2021

This summer is bringing many new and exciting things and rightfully so after months of restrictions, lockdowns, and uncertainty. With vaccine drives in full swing and businesses reopening, there is sure to be a great atmosphere compared to the previous year. However, there still remains a slight anxiousness for some surrounding Covid and the fear of catching or spreading the virus during this new season. One of the ways this is clearly seen is by the dental industry in particular. Ontario dentists and clinics have seen that Covid created bad oral hygiene habits during the lockdowns and also have now scared patients from seeing their dentist in clinics due to a fear of catching the virus.

It’s no surprise that when the pandemic hit, many dental appointments were cancelled and slowly over time some people began to neglect their dental hygiene due to routine changes, dietary changes and stress. Dentists have reported an increase of people grinding their teeth more due to Covid related stress, many are flossing less and even brushing later in the day as well as eating more sweets. Although these are all effects of the pandemic, it is incredibly important to use this time of reopening to visit your dentist. This also goes hand in hand with reopening because dental neglect can lead to more serious problems and even a higher risk of Covid-19 complications. Improving your oral health is a step to improving your overall health.

Not only did the pandemic cause people to neglect their oral hygiene routine but, in some cases, another affect is the general fear of going to the dentist post-Covid. It is true that many people visit the dentist but the risk of catching the virus is incredibly slim due to all the safety measures in place to keep dental clinics incredibly sterile. The pandemic even exacerbated this by adding more rules and guidelines to keep both staff, dentists, and patients safe. In addition to this, dental clinics are just as safe and sometimes safer than hospitals. The Ontario Dental Association added extra rules for further safety such as Covid screening questions, waiting outside the clinic, staff wearing full PPE for certain treatments and adding more time between clients for air filtration and disinfecting. All of these rules alongside social distancing, mask wearing, and frequent sanitisation are ways in which dental clinics may be one of the safest places to be.
Ultimately, the summer season and this period of reopening should be perceived in a positive way. The risk of Covid will hang in the air for another while, but the new normal consists of added safety measures to protect citizens and business so we can get back to some type of routine again. Now is the time to undo some of the damage done during lockdown and rise up to be the best version of ourselves. Maintaining a good health regime with frequent visits to your health providers is the key to keeping the virus at bay and preventing any potential illnesses and spreading the virus.
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