Low Carb Coffee Creamer: Low in Carbs, High in Flavor

 There are several benefits to using a low carb coffee creamer. You can avoid having to taste coconut oil or butter. You get to avoid the sugar and carbs that you’d find in regular coffee creamers or those creams with a milk base. And perhaps the best benefit is that you get to try out all kinds of different flavors. You can switch up the taste of your coffee easily with a favored coffee creamer and you won’t feel the guilt of consuming too many carbs. 

 Choosing the right low carb coffee creamer is important. You don’t want one that is full of artificial ingredients and additives. You want a low carb coffee creamer that is whole-food based and really only has a few ingredients. These are the healthiest for you. 

Five Top Options for Best low carb coffee creamer

There are plenty of options on the market when it comes to picking a low carb coffee creamer. There is a big push to start limiting carbs and one of the best places to start is in the drinks we consume. With that said, not all low-carb creamers are created equal. With such a market for this type of product, just about every manufacturer has created a low carb version of their original creamer. However, that won’t always be the best option. Below you’ll find a list of a few of the most common low carb creamers that you can purchase today. 

Bulletproof Coffee InstaMix Creamer

This option from Bulletproof has just two base ingredients: octane oil and butter. In one container, you’ll get a total of only 14 servings, which is on the smaller side. You might find that you’ll be purchasing this creamer more often because you won’t get quite as many servings out of it as some other creamers. There are two other downsides to this product. First, it isn’t offered in any flavored versions and it does still contain 6 carbs.  This creamer comes in a pre-blended powder.

Left Coast Coffee Creamer

The second good low carb coffee creamer we’ve found is Left Coast Keto Coffee Creamer which has just MCT oil and ghee as its base ingredients. You can get a whopping 32 servings out of just one container. There are only two flavor options available: unflavored and cacao. While the options are more than the Bulletproof offering, you still only get two choices which can be really limiting if you want to really switch up your coffee taste frequently. This creamer comes in liquid form and has zero carbs. 
Coffee Booster Coffee Creamer 

Another option for a low carb coffee creamer is Coffee Booster Organic High-Fat Coffee Creamer which has grass-fed ghee and coconut oil as its two primary ingredients. You’ll get 28 servings out of one container which is really great, but it does come in powder from so it isn’t the most natural option. However, you don’t have to blend it first. You can add it right to your coffee. This option has 1 carb. 

Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone MCT Oil Powder by Divine Health 

This low carb coffee creamer has just MCT as its base ingredient. You’ll get a full 30 servings out of the container and there are four flavors offered. You can choose from French vanilla, coconut cream, unflavored and hazelnut. This comes in a pre-blended powder and has 3 carbs. 
Omega PowerCreamer Butter Coffee Blend 

We saved the best for last. The best low carb coffee creamer we’ve found is the PowerCreamer, which began being developed in 2014. It was researched for more than a year and then brought to the market. PowerCreamer comes in four tasty flavors and you can even use it in other coffee drinks for a healthy treat. It is one of the only creamers on our list that has zero carbs. Its base ingredients are MCT oil , ghee that is organic and grass-fed, and coconut oil. You’ll also get a full 20 servings out of just one bottle. 

Choosing the best creamer

It might be hard for you to imagine drinking your coffee black, but you don’t want to add unnecessary carbs with a creamer that is carb-heavy. That is where a low carb coffee creamer can help. There are many benefits to following a low carb diet. You don’t want to waste what carbs you do have during the day on a drink. You’ll never be able to taste the difference between a carb-heavy creamer and a low-carb one so don't waste your precious few carbs on a creamer. Enjoy one of these options today. 
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