Make Your Space Healthy: 5 Tips to Eliminate Toxins in the Home

 Your home should be a sanctuary, which means it needs to be healthy. Check out this guide to learn how to eliminate toxins in the home.

 Did you know that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air?

At most, an average house contains hundreds of chemicals which you’ll never see, smell or touch. While these chemicals may get tolerated, they can cause problems when in combination or large doses. It’s the reason why you’ve to eliminate the toxins in the home to curb future negative health effects.

Here are five tips to help you achieve that.

1. Avoid Pesticides

Practice the ‘no shoe’ policy inside the house to prevent outdoor pesticides from getting into the indoors. Other healthy home tips like thorough home cleaning and sealing holes and cracks can greatly reduce pests inside the house.

If you’ve to use any form of pesticide, choose natural solutions like Neem oil, pyrethrum, and diatomaceous earth for zero health effects.

2. Minimize House Dust

House dust contains hazardous chemicals like lead, pesticides, and fire retardants which can aggravate allergies.

You can lower levels of such chemicals at home by getting done with wall-to-wall carpeting. Unlike materials such as hardwood, tile or non-vinyl linoleum, carpets can trap dirt, dust-mites and lead.

It’s also crucial that you mop the house at least once in a week and to use a vacuum cleaner with a Hepa-filter to capture particles and allergens. Further, make sure to empty the vacuum bag and filter so that they don’t spew the dust back into the air.

3. Keep Your Home Ventilated

Try to open windows frequently to allow air circulation in your home. Use green plants as natural air detoxifiers and herbs to bring a pleasant fragrance to the house. Also, consider using healthy home products such as baking powder to remove odor.

To top that, have your vents and air ducts cleaned with nontoxic cleaners. And don’t forget to get an AC tune up for the bedrooms.

4. Lower VOC in the Home

Some household chemicals like interior paints, air fresheners, and deodorants contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) which can cause breathing problems or sometimes even cancer.

VOCs are a group of chemicals which vaporize to produce gas pollutants. You can lower VOC levels in your home by using natural air fresheners and practicing proper ventilation techniques.

5. Get Your House Checked

Have an expert check if your home has carbon monoxide or sealer leaks. It’s also crucial that they check radon levels in your home. Radon is scentless gas which occurs when uranium in rock and soils breaks down.

Breathing air containing this gas can be fatal; in fact, it’s the second leading cause of lung cancer, following smoking. Make sure to test for radon leaks as they may occur despite the condition of the house. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, buy a radon test kit from your local stores.

Minimize Toxins in the Home

Once you’ve minimized the toxins in the home, reduced the environmental impacts of the house, and styled it with natural elements, you’ll get to enjoy an eco-sanctuary.

Remember not to get too obsessed with it. And feel free to share with loved ones and friends.
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