Must Have Features & Supplies for Any Crash Cart

 Crash carts are a critical part of emergency response within a hospital. Emergencies can happen at any location in a hospital and at any time, which is why crash carts are so important. However, in order to be effective crash carts need to bring a specific set of features and supplies to a scenario. What exactly are these features and supplies, and how can they help with emergency response within a hospital? Here are must have features and supplies for any crash cart in a hospital. 


The biggest feature that a crash cart needs to have is mobility. In a hospital, various emergencies can occur in many different areas of the building, meaning you really never know where a crash cart is needed. A crash cart needs to have mobility and be able to respond to various areas of the hospital, making mobility a critical feature to a crash cart. If you want to add a little more mobility, you may want to make a crash cart have a slightly thinner composition, allowing you to maneuver the crash cart into small and tight spaces. In addition, things like swiveling wheels can improve maneuverability and make getting the crash cart to an emergency much easier. Responding to an emergency in time is critical to save lives and mitigate damages, so you need to ensure that a crash cart is as mobile 


In today’s medical world almost everything is done digitally. Records and prescriptions are done electronically, and everything can be accessed from a computer. Due to this, it's extremely important to have computer access when responding to a medical emergency. During a medical emergency you’re going to need to check the records of the patient. Do they have any allergies that might limit the medication you can give them? Are they taking another medication that might conflict with something you prescribe them? These are all important concerns that you need to check up on, and failing to do so could make matters even worse. Due to this, it's extremely important that your crash cart contains a computer that can be easily accessed. 

Medical Equipment

Obviously if a crash cart is being used to respond to medical emergencies, then you’re going to want to have the necessary medical equipment on the crash cart. Having all of the necessary medical equipment on the crash cart is critical, as it can save valuable time. Instead of transporting the patient to various areas of the hospital to fight medical problems, the crash cart can bring the necessary medical supplies right to the patient. If a patient is having a heart or lung problem, transporting them to a different location can be extremely detrimental to their health. Thankfully, if a crash cart is stocked with all of the necessary medical equipment then there is no need at all to relocate the patient.


Most medication is highly specialized and only used in certain scenarios. In addition, most medicine is prescribed by a doctor, and is only given after some form of testing. Due to this, you might think stocking a crash cart that is used for general emergencies with medicine might be a fruitless effort. However, there is a list of general medications that should be stocked in a crash cart in order to allow for a better response to medical emergencies. For example, aspirin is extremely important in thinning the blood during heart attacks and an Epipen is vital in helping during allergic reactions. Having these medications already stocked in the crash cart can save a lot of time when responding to medical emergencies, meaning that it is critical to have the right amount of medication stocked in the crash cart. 
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