Regular Health Checkups Are The Key To Staying Healthy: Here's Why

 Are you of the mind that only sick people visit the doctor? If you're healthy and you resolve to stay that way, book regular health checkups for yourself.

 When was the last time you went to see a regular doctor for a health checkup? There's a lot of people who are scared of what they might say so they avoid going at all costs. And it's relatively expensive. 

But avoiding medical checkups is not a solution to anything. It can end up costing you more money and running the risk of leaving a life-threatening condition undetected until it's too late. 

Here is why health checkups are important. 

They Can Detect Life-Threatening Conditions Such as Cancer 

A life-threatening condition such as cancer is best detected early on. If you go for a regular checkup then doctors can often catch it before it has spread. This is good because it means cancer can be removed often relatively simply. 

Many other illnesses and diseases can be detected and cured before they become life-threatening. 

But many people dislike going for medical checkups because they are uncomfortable and they are worried about what the results are. But this is counterproductive because if the results are bad then it can mean having procedures that are more invasive and the results could be much worse.
Save Money Over Time

A small procedure and regular checkups might seem like they cost a lot of money. Indeed medical care is expensive in Australia. But if not the bill could be even more costly if you leave it too long and allow a simple illness or condition to evolve into something more complicated. 

By going for regular medical checkups you are saving yourself money in the long run. Facebook will now even remind you to go for your regular checkup so there is no excuse. 

Also, remember to get a good insurance policy that will cover you to reduce the cost of the final bill in case an emergency does take place.

In the context of higher premiums getting good insurance might seem expensive, especially when you consider countries such as the U.K have free health coverage with the N.H.S. Though every system has its problems.

But it is an expense worth investing in if you can and you won't regret it if you need to have a costly operation later on and do not have to fork out for the entire bill. 

Tell You How to Live a Healthier Life

Regular medical checkups can give you information about how to live a healthier life that can serve you well in the long run.

You can find out about your blood pressure and cholesterol and what impact your diet has on your body. If you change it you can start to see results at the next checkup.

A checkup can also tell you about the state of your heart, whether your hearing and your eyesight is up to scratch and what you can do to improve it.

Speaking to the same doctor at your medical checkup is always good. It means that rather than seeing a random doctor every few years or when you happen to have a problem
you have an appointment with the same doctor who gets to know you. 

He or she can start to build up a bigger picture of your health, which can help inform his or her decisions. 

If you both feel a more personal connection then you will be able to speak more frankly with each other and learn to trust each other which can only be a good thing.  

Detect STIs Lying Low

Having regular medical checkups can also detect sexually transmitted infections. These can lie undetected in your system for years without you realizing it but health checkups can determine that they are in your system. 

This is very important if you are single and have lots of sexual partners. If you trust your doctor who does your medical checkups then this can help you feel less embarrassed about this. 

If you don't have these tended to then they can become serious and harder to treat so regular checkups are important. 

Reduces Risk of General Sickness 

By going for a regular health checkup -for example at Era Health - you can also prevent low-level sickness more easily. The doctor can inform you whether your immune system is low or you are deficient in certain vitamins. You can then attend to this by taking a flu vaccine or taking vitamin supplements to boost your immune system.

A regular checkup can also reveal whether you are overweight and need to do more exercise. 

Health Checkups Are Important and Worth Your Money and Time

It is easy to think about skipping health checkups. They are invasive and having them regularly can cost you more money. You might also feel afraid of what the doctor might find such as a serious condition. However, this is ignoring the issue. 

By not going for regular health check-ups you run the risk of contracting an illness or disease and allowing it to stay dormant within your system for months and years to come, getting worse and worse.

It is important to face your health head-on and to catch life-threatening illnesses like cancer as quickly as possible. 

But medical checkups are not just about big conditions like cancer they are also about your everyday health and your lifestyle. By having a doctor that you trust inform you of the status of your body you can make adjustments. 

If you are running low on a vitamin you can take supplements and if you are overweight you can do more exercise to compensate.

If you are interested in reading more about why having an annual medical check-up is important then be sure to check out the rest of our website. 
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