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Relaxing Benefits of Bath Bombs
Monday, 11 January 2021

Baths are not only practical but equally relaxing as well!

While many people prefer the ease and practicality of a shower, baths provide a much more holistic cleansing experience, especially when you add bath bombs into the mix!
Bath bombs are a compound of essential oils, baking soda, and citric acid to instantly transform a simple bath into a luxurious and relaxing experience!
For those that need some forced me-time, taking a bath with a bath bomb is a great way to unwind from a long day and calm your body, soul, and mind.
But how do bath bombs actually achieve this blissful state for you? We will share the top ways in which bath bombs can provide you with long-term relaxing benefits!

1. It soothes your skin

When we are stressed, one of the first places to show this is in our skin. For many, stress produces dry, irritated, and dehydrated skin. So this is where a bath bomb comes into play, as they have ingredients aimed at relaxing the skin and making it soft and glowing. So if you are feeling your skin freak out due to stress, try a bath bomb induced soak and you will see your skin instantly transform into a more youthful appearance that makes you once again feel great about yourself!

2. It transports your senses

You may just be at home in your tub, but adding in a bath bomb to the mix can instantly transport you elsewhere! The fizzing of the essential oil scents instantly creates a luxurious atmosphere that makes it near impossible to not relax! And the aromas that will soon take over your bathroom will make it the most pleasurable place to be!

3. It’s scents transform your spirit

Bath bombs don’t just smell good for fun. In fact, the aromas they produce are designed for very specific reasons! The bath bomb scents don’t just fill the bathroom, but also soak into your skin. So, for example, if you are feeling extra tired and worn out and use a citrus-infused bath bomb, you will go from feeling tired to nice and energized! Or, if you are feeling particularly stressed out and use a lavender-filled bath bomb, you’ll go from feeling anxious to relaxed. The healing effects of bath bombs are endless and you can always find the right one you are needing.

4. It can actually heal your mind, body, and soul

We are being quite literal when we say that bath bombs are in fact designed to heal your mind, body, and soul! Not only do the ingredients like citric acid and baking soda create a fizzing sound, but it also has significant impacts on the body. It can help your body odor neutralize, fix any inflamed skin, and even enhance your blood flow! So a soak in the bath bomb induced tub actually heals you! How great is that?

5. It can help you sleep

Sometimes, it is really hard to just shut the brain off. But bath bombs have a very high success rate of being able to help switch the brain off and get you into a more meditative mindset. This is super important, as it will also help increase your chances of getting a good night’s sleep—which is one of the most important components to keeping us healthy. So for those that struggle to get relaxed before bed, a bath bomb soak will have long-term benefits for your sleep cycle!
There are so many relaxing benefits of bath bombs. With their convenience to use and affordability, why wouldn’t you make this part of your daily routine?


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