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Reusable Copper-Infused Face Mask for Virus Protection
Monday, 25 January 2021

A new report published in The Lancet magazine found that the coronavirus persisted for seven days outside the surgical mask.

Copper-Affected Fabric Strength Copper-copper-ion-coated copper fabrics are scientifically antimicrobial, meaning antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.
Professor Bill Keevil, of the University of Southampton, explained in a recent article that copper does not only kill these pathogens. It eliminates them, just below the nucleic acid, or reproductive blueprints, inside. There is no possibility of mutation or evolution because all genes are being destroyed. In other words, the use of copper does not come with the risk of over-the-counter antibiotics.

Copper fabrics are designed to be long-lasting and durable, meaning that the copper ions that are tied to the fabric annually will not wash off, and the product will last a lifetime. Will So you never have to rely on disposable face masks - which make them perfect for everyday life, from a trip to the supermarket to a trip to work.

Since mid-May, the public in Norway has been recommended to put on face coverings in enclosed public spaces, such as supermarkets, where it can be hard to follow social distancing rules. Use of face mask like Copper Inside Kobber-munnbind in Norway is control spread of COVID-19 and other Disease.


Layer 1: Anti-Microbial Copper Layer Designed to stop the spread of infections. The copper particles utilized in the external layer of the cover have been affirmed in tests and examinations around the globe that they can execute 99.9% of the microbes and infections present on contact.
Layer 2: KN99 Filtration Layer The polypropylene filtration material used in the mask prevents more fine particulate matter than 99.99% fine for maximum protection.
Layer 3: Cotton Filtration Layer Maximum protection of cotton filter and lining blocks 99% fine particle cases, 3D space between layers to improve high ventilation and moisture absorption.
Layer 4: 100% Pure Natural Cotton High quality, skin-friendly, herbal 100% cotton for maximum comfort on lengthy wear.

Key Features:

Copper-infused has been shown in vitro testing to eliminate 99.99% of bovine coronavirus, H1N1 (swine flu), moraine coronavirus and infused within minutes of contact.
100% Pure Natural Copper:
A copper mask perfectly safe, tight clothing, chemical-free, eco-friendly, non-drug, and non-invasive solution.
Completely Durable:
Copper ions are bound to a molecular level which means they will not leak. The benefits of copper will last a lifetime.
The Perfect Fit:
Use a unique adjustable air toggle system and an unusable metal nose plate to seal the face mask to make a face mask.
The copper ions on the outer layer of the mask are known for their self-adhesive properties, which keep your mask fresh for longer.

How to Wear

  • Wash your hands with soap and warm water for 20 seconds before wearing or taking off your face mask.
  • Wash / clean your hands before opening the packaging and gently remove the mask.
  • Open and feel the mask for the steel bar, it is the top of the mask and it is designed to fit around the bridge of the nose. When wearing a mask, the copper cloth label will be on the left.
  • Pull the ear loops down so that the toggles are placed under the mask on both sides.
  • Move the toggle 1-2 cm towards the mask. It is designed to fit the mask perfectly.
  • Put the mask on your face. Apply ear loops around your ears; fit the nose bar so that it fits around the bridge of your nose.

Washing method:

The mask needs to be washed in distilled water or cold boiled water. Do not use washing liquid or detergent
Step 1: Place the mask in a bowl to ensure that the elastic ear loops and toggles are out.
Step 2: Add water or boiled water which is left in the bowl for 15 minutes
Step 3: Immerse the face mask completely in the bowl for at least 5 minutes, while not massaging lightly, not rubbing hard.
Step 4: Squeeze out more water and apply a flat face mask to dry naturally.


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