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Role Of Essential Oils In Our Overall Well-Being
Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Just as every machine in the world requires regular and systematic oiling from time to time, the human body is no different. Rather, with more than 300 bones, 15 organs, a hundred issues, and a thousand nerves, it is one of the most complex systems known. And as life and longevity depend heavily on its wellness and soundness, it becomes an indispensable proposition to oil and nourishes it habitually.

Every part of the human body has its special purpose. The hands and the legs take care of mobility. The head’s function is to think and command. The skin provides a protective layer from all external exposure. The hair accentuates the beauty and safeguards the delicate brain. As all these parts perform different specialized tasks, the self-care regime too for them should be different. This is where the esoteric range of body oil comes into play.

Body oil is nothing but a part of the everyday skincare routine that targets to nourish, hydrate, and heal the skin all over the body. These are largely sourced from natural elements like flowers, plants, seeds, animal oils, and others to supplement vitals in the body. Keeping in view divergent needs of various body areas, there are options to choose from – body oils, hair oils, and pain-relief oils, face oils, foot oils, and many more.

Why Choose Essential Oils

Fighting Weariness - Essential Oils are plant potions known to have clinical properties apt for treating and healing the weariness of the body parts. These act as supplements providing vitamins, minerals, and other up-keeping elements.
Relaxation – The effect of essential oils on the mind and the body is soothing and immensely relaxing. They work on specific nerve points, bringing down stress and anxiety.
Fighting Depression & Mental Trauma – Many essential oils, when used under professional guidance, can help in the secretion of hormones that combat depression and other sinking feelings. If not used on the 7 reflexes of the body, these can be used in and around personal spaces like homes and offices to lighten the soul.
Strengthening of Nerves – A lot of pressure goes in when these essential oils are applied on pressure points across muscles and joints. They brace, nurse, rejuvenate, and strengthen nerves, tissues, and organs in the body. They also work miraculously for all sorts of body aches.
Boosts Glowing Skin – The unique properties in essential oils when massaged over face, nose, ankles, navel, lower neck, and other spots; fights off germs, specks of dust and dirt particles, closes pores, and smoothens the skin. It also brings back the lost glow and charm of the otherwise harsh skin.
Hair Thickening – Hair Oils work towards reducing hair fall, fighting dandruff, softening the rough scalp that boosts hair growth and also makes hair stronger and bouncier. Adding shine to the long stresses, applying hair oils also helps fight frizzy hair. Another reason to adopt hair oils is the shield that they provide from the damaging dirt and sunlight outside.
Healing Stretch Marks – Another common cause for which essential body oils are largely preferred is their capability to heal stretch marks. They don’t make the skin look patchy, dry, and increase secretion of ‘melatonin’ that moisturizes the skin and lightens stretch marks.
There is a whole range of beautiful fragrances with exceptional healing properties like peppermint, lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, etc. on the racks. So go pick any today and feel the magic unfold as you start to use them.
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