Tuesday, 07 April 2020

 COVID-19 has affected the entire world, and Governments of all countries have a hot question of how to dispose of COVID-19 medical waste. In general, medical waste is always among the most dangerous debris on the earth if it is not treated properly before being disposed of.


 Additionally, Coronavirus Medical Waste requires more care and safety concerns when to dispose of it. The amount of waste has also increase due to providing safety shield to medical heroic staff and patients. The WHO and CDC have issued a procedure to dispose of COVID-19 medical waste safely.

WHO and CDC have recommended that the Coronavirus Medical Waste should be treated as per the regulations and guidance provided RMW.

The management of waste disposal facilities should follow regular procedures.

Packing Medical waste:

  • For the containment of medical waste single leak, a proof biohazard bag should be used.
  • Bags must be tied tightly.
  • Bags must not be contaminated exterior
  • If contaminating or puncturing the container should be replaced with other
  • All containers should be secure at a place to be picked.

Transportation of medical waste:

  • The container to be used for the transportation must follow the specification provided by the RMW
  • COVID-19 Medical waste or suspected specimen should include categories as B category and should follow additional guidelines when sent to off-site.

How to treat Coronavirus Medical Waste:

  • Before the disposal of regulated medical waste must be addressed or decontaminated to remove the microbial hazard and handover to dispose of safely.
  • Sterile medical waste should be handed over for disposal.
  • Treatment facility providers must hold the license from their regulated body and additionally follow the rules and restrictions imposed by their regulatory authority.

Reusability of the sharp container of COVID-19 medical waste:

Medical waste of Coronavirus fall under the category of standard RMW and the sharp reusable container can be reused as usual proved that it meets the bellow requirement.

  • Sharp bins are standard approved and certified by the USA food, drugs, and medical authorities.
  • They must be permanently marked as reusable.
  • Prior to the reuse, sharp containers must be disinfected and treated for the removal of previous contamination.
  • The sharp container must have a capacity higher than 2 Gallon 40 Gallon.

Justification for reusability:

  • Recent research has proved that a virus can survive two to three days on a hard surface, but the surface is not only sourcing to spread the virus. It can be easily killed if adequately treated.
  • The sharp bin is not directly used for patients if decontaminated before it to reuse; it will have no impact on the patient.
  • If container to take to patient rooms to collect the waste material, they must be treated, and persons must wear the safety clothes.

People handling waste must take appropriate safety measures. They should wear safety clothes, boots, gloves on hand, face masks, goggles as per the recommendation of world health organization. Until now, there is no evidence that the well-protected human handling waste has resulted in the spread of COVID-19. 

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