Sauna Health Benefits
Sunday, 11 April 2021

Sauna therapy has long been used as a way of relaxing and detoxifying the body. It originated from the Finnish people in Europe but it is now enjoyed by many people around the world. You can install it in your home, enjoy it at the spa or invest in a portable infrared sauna that can be carried around easily.

There are different types of saunas and they can either use dry heat or steam.

i. The Traditional Finnish Sauna

This type uses burning wood in a stove to heat the sauna. This type of sauna has low humidity but very high temperatures.

ii. Electrically Heated Sauna

This type of sauna uses electricity that is mounted on the wall or floor to produce heat.

iii. Steam Sauna

This is an enclosed room that has a steam generator which boils water and releases steam into the air.

iv. Infrared Sauna

This is different from the other saunas because it heats the body directly without interfering with the temperature of the surrounding environment. You can install one at home or buy a portable Infrared sauna that can be moved to any location easily. You can use it in the living room while watching TV or read a magazine or you can take it to another location of your choice. You can also try using the UK infrared sauna blanket that you can bring with you wherever you go.

So What Are The Health Benefits Of These Saunas?

Apart from the relaxation that you get, there are other health benefits that you can reap from these saunas including:

i Relieves Pain and Relaxes the Muscles

When subjected to high temperatures of the sauna, the brain releases a hormone called endorphin. This act as a natural painkiller which eases pain and gives a relaxing and calming effect which will make you feel happy. People with chronic pains like rheumatoid arthritis have reported that saunas lessen their pain and discomfort.
ii Detoxifies Your Body

When we sweat, our bodies excrete toxin from our bodies. The heat of the sauna makes you sweat a lot hence flushing out toxins. This will help reduce the levels of metals like lead, copper, mercury and other harmful chemicals in our bodies

iii Cleanses the Skin and Treats Acne

Steam is well known for flushing out impurities like dead cells from the skin, therefore reducing acne. This will give you a glowing and beautiful skin.

iv Improves the Quality of Sleep

People who go to saunas in the evenings reported having deep sleep. This is attributed to the body readjusting the temperature after getting exposed to high temperatures. Since sauna relieves pain, calms and relaxes you, this could be a remedy for good sleep.

v Improves Cardio Vascular Performance

When the body is exposed to high temperatures, it triggers the sweat glands to release sweats. This increases the heartbeat rate and circulation of blood just like when you do cardio exercises. This helps the heart function well because more blood is pumped into it. Research has shown that people who use sauna regularly reduce the risk of getting cardio vascular diseases.

Clears Congestion

The high temperature in the sauna warms the mucous membranes and opens the sinuses and lungs. A sauna can be used to reduce the effects of colds and flu since it can unblock sinuses.

Post-Workout Relaxation

After vigorous exercises, your muscles can experience some pains. The sauna will help ease the pain and relax the muscles hence you will recover quickly.

Relieves Stress

The release of endorphins (a feel-good hormone) by your brain will calm you and give you a relaxed mood which will make you happy. Research has shown that people who use sauna frequently reduce the risk of depression. So spending those few minutes in the sauna to relax is good for your mind and will help you to improve your focus.

It kills bacteria, fungus and viruses because they cannot survive in high temperatures.

Health Risks

i The high heat in the Sauna can cause blood pressure to fall hence not advisable for people with low blood pressure to use a sauna. It’s also not advisable to get into cold water directly after getting out of a heat sauna because the blood pressure can rise.
ii The high temperature in a heat sauna can cause dizziness and nausea to a first timer.

i Do not spend so much time in the sauna. A first timer should take a maximum of 10 minutes and then increase gradually.
ii Avoid alcohol before getting into a heat sauna because it can lead to dehydration.
iii Drink plenty of water to replace the lost fluid from sweating.
iv Pregnant women should avoid sauna because the high heat can harm the fetus.


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