Scromiting May Be Better Known As Cromiting

 The buzz around the medical field of a condition that stems from the overuse of marijuana is becoming a growing issue within the states that have the highest use.

 The mysterious illness induced by excessive marijuana is said to provoke uncontrolled vomiting and debilitating nausea, that causes the user to scream or cry.

According to doctors the condition is going to become a problem and has been labeled, Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS), a condition characterized by chronic cannabis use, cyclic episodes of nausea and vomiting, and the compulsion to take hot baths or showers.

Despite experts’ concerns, the syndrome usually affects a small population of heavy-long term marijuana users.

 The emergency room of Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego,   is very familiar with CHS, "In my work, in the emergency room, I see at least one patient a day with the Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome," Dr. Roneet Lev, the director of operations at Scripps Mercy Hospital, announced in a press conference to NBC.

Dr. Linda Nguyen, a gastroenterologist at Stanford Health Care, claims she encounters about three to four patients every month with CHS. "cromiting," she believes is a better term for the condition, she added, "I tend to see more crying and vomiting, less so screaming."

Since the boom of legalization, Nguyen has experienced a spike in patients that are affected by CHS. She also notes that it is hard to diagnose a patient with the condition because the research around the syndrome is minimal. A major epidemiological study has yet to be conducted.

"What percentage of marijuana users have CHS? We don't know, because we don't know the percentage of the population that uses marijuana," Nguyen stated.

In her experience, she claims that she has seen and treated more men with CHS than women, yet she emphasizes that everyone can be affected,  including high-functioning adults whose mental capacity is not substantially affected by much marijuana.

Just like many experts, Nyguen highlights that the only way to get rid of the condition is to "get off the marijuana."

Australian researchers in 2004 first recognized CHD.  Other studies claim that CHS coincides with increasing rates of statewide marijuana abuse.

"While the overall prevalence of marijuana use has remained stable in the United States at 4%, the prevalence of cannabis use disorders (i.e., cannabis dependence, cannabis abuse) has continued to rise," stated a 2011 article published by Temple University Hospital.

The paper also noted that the average duration of marijuana uses before any symptoms occurred seemed to be around 16 years. However, the earliest signs were noticeable within three years of heavy marijuana use.

The cause of CHS remains unclear, Nguyen believes that either cannabis hinders the emptying of the stomach which then leads to nausea and vomiting; or others believe that cannabis accumulates in the brain and affects the thermoregulatory centers. 

No special treatment has been created for scromiting, but doctors will usually administer intravenous fluids, anti-nausea drugs, and capsaicin cream.
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