Smart Nora Anti-Snoring Device - How It Actually Works

Chronic snoring is a condition that can be disruptive to your nightly rest and may also cause your sleeping partner to lose sleep. When air is trapped in the throat due to a blocked passageway the soft muscles and tissue at the back of the throat will vibrate and this causes the body to snore; this may lead to pauses in breathing in sleeping and can be a serious impairment if left untreated. Sleepers who snore also tend to develop other health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and sleep apnea since the lack of proper rest will jeopardize one’s overall health.

What is An Anti-Snoring Device

An anti-snoring device is a remedy to stop and curb snoring for a sleeper that may be evasive or non-evasive. There are many types of anti-snoring devices that are available to help someone to stop snoring in the current sleep accessory industry. Inventions like anti-snoring chin straps, mouthpieces and nasal strips are examples of common types of anti-snoring devices which varying degrees of success.

If you suffer from chronic snoring then looking for a remedy that is not based on pills and other forms of medication can be beneficial for your long-term health. You should determine what is the root cause of your chronic snoring so you can narrow down which anti-device can best help you solve the snoring issue.

Smart Nora

Smart Nora is a unique anti-snoring device as it is not a conventional chin strap, mouthpiece or nasal strip; this device is basically a pillow insert that has special features to help the body eliminate snoring. Smart Nora was created by a hybrid team of engineers and world-class designers who collaborated with top sleep experts; this project was also support by more than 3,000 Kickstarters.

The functionality of the Smart Nora is unique, the device is non-evasive and can be incorporated easily into your sleeping routine with minimal fuss and discomfort. The primary function of the Smart Nora is to adjust the neck elevation so the muscles and soft tissue of the throat that are relaxed in sleep will not produce the vibration that causes snoring.

The Smart Nora comes in package that includes a control dial, pump, charger, a listening device, the pillow insert and an air tube. You will get these items in an ergonomically packed box which also can store the Smart Nora easily if you need to pack it for traveling. If you are interested to know more about the Smart Nora anti-snoring device, you can read this post to learn more about Smart Nora.

How Can Smart Nora Help You Stop Snoring

Smart Nora comes with three elevation settings for your neck; low, medium and high. You can play around with the elevation settings to get the most comfortable height for your sleeping needs. This anti-snoring device also comes with a Bluetooth function which helps to eliminate the need for wires to clutter your bed and sleeping area. You may easily connect the pump to the microphone with no hassle, you would just need plug point that is near your bedside to make this setting work.

To set the sensitivity of the microphone or listening device you will need to determine the noise level of your bedroom at night; it is recommended to set the setting to high if your bedroom is quiet so the device can pick up any noise with ease and speed. When the microphone picks up a snore it inflates the pillow insert to your pre-set settings of elevation to stop the snoring; this process is quite fast as it takes an average of three minutes to work.

The pump that elevates the pillow slip of the Smart Nora is quiet so you don’t have to worry about any noise disturbance aside from the snoring. Try to minimize the noise level in your bedroom as the microphone can be sensitive and if you sleep with the TV on the Smart Nora might not deliver the best assistance since there would be too much noise for the device to identify for inflation.

The Smart Nora also comes equipped with a delay setting; you may delay the Smart Nora from working for 30 minutes so can use the time to fall asleep. This can be very helpful since it is normal for the body to take some time to fully relax to sleep. It will be uncomfortable and irritating to experience the elevation while you are trying to sleep so the delay function is very helpful to let you sleep naturally. Also, consider using the best mattress for snoring, it helps most of the people.

Smart Nora Benefits

The Smart Nora comes with some great advantages to help a snorer to stop their chronic snoring. The pillow insert technology causes no physical discomfort to a snorer like an anti-snoring mouthpiece potentially would. The maintenance of the Smart Nora is relatively easy as there’s very little cleaning involved; all you need to do is ensure that the device is charged constantly and use it in a room with normal temperature.

If you are unable to use a standard anti-snoring due to various reason, the Smart Nora poses a solution to your snoring problem by delivering excellent functionally and being very easy to use.
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