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Sri Chinmoy’s Reflection on Sadness as a Source of Creativity and Self-Discovery
Friday, 12 April 2019

 There is this thing about the sadness that often comes to overwhelm us when we experience an unpleasant situation. Most times, we hate to be sad, because naturally, we think sadness should always be associated with bad and evil when in the real sense, we should be happy that we can still feel sad sometimes, as it is the emotional representation showing that we desire to be better and stronger.

 One of Sri Chinmoy’s truest assertions was the power of sadness giving birth to self-discovery and creativity. Critical reflection on this finding reveals just how true it is and how wise Sri Chinmoy was. When we are sad, we naturally become quiet and observant, and at such time, the doors of our spirit are open. Imagine how far you can go if you learn to channel your sad emotions to deep meditation. It is at such a moment that you can discover your real self. Sadness should not be about wallowing in self-pity. It should be about retargeting your energy to tap into the gifts of the spirit, which we already have inscribed in our hearts, and using them to our advantage as we pursue humility, honesty, and fulfillment. 

These emotions form part of the belief of the Athletic legend and renowned Spiritualist Sri Chinmoy. Having lived a fulfilled life himself, Sri Chinmoy always thought that your spirit and physical self can align towards achieving good for humanity. Sri Chinmoy's popularity is not only from his weightliftingadventures but mainly from his belief, faith, pursuit and love for the overall success of humankind.

"When we see with the eyes, we see our existence at one place and the existence of others somewhere else. But when we use the heart, at that time inside our existence is the rest of the world, and inside the world is our existence."

In his pursuit for a collectively better humanity, Sri Chinmoy has discovered and introduced several methods that work, one being meditation. Although meditation existed long before the great spiritualist was born, he realized that the act could be used to summon one's greatest dreams and aspirations into physical existence. He propounded in one of his findings that “it is humans that see the capacity of the heart”. He explained that the heart-center has a limitless capability and that one’s strength is dependent on how well one can search his soul for pure power.

As expected from such aninspiringman, Sri Chinmoy had, and still has, followers from around the world. Most of his followers continue to acknowledge that they learn significant life's lessons just by following after the meditation style of the teacher.
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