Taking Advantage of Your Surroundings to Fight Anxiety

 No one can deny that we live a fast-paced, indoor lifestyle. With hours spent studying, relaxing, or working in front of screens in climate-controlled environments, people are feeling more and more disconnected from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, the isolation has led to a spike in anxiety and other stress disorders. 

 We're bombarded daily with quick fixes to anxiety, like medication and spa retreats. The simple tactics have their merits, but in most cases, they do not lead to long term success. You take medication for the rest of your life, gradually upping the dosage when needed, or you go back to being an anxious mess a couple of months after a spa retreat. Every person is unique, and not everything will work out for you. But everyone has access to one thing, and that's nature. So go out and enjoy it, you never know it might help your anxiety. 

Spend Time On Your Porch or In Your Backyard

If you are a homeowner, you probably have a green space attached to your property. Whether this is a back or front yard, you have a small patch of nature that you can enjoy. The only thing stopping you is yourself. When the weather is cold, rainy, or hot, adjust your clothes and protection. 

For those with disabilities, stair lifts from places like the Jameson Medical online store give you the freedom to go outside. Spending time outside of your home, even as close as your porch, is a great place to practice breathing exercises and slow down. 

If Possible, Walk to Your Next Location

America is otherwise known as the land of cars (in a few circles). With easy-to-use and extensive highways and roads, there's no surprise that Americans prefer their vehicles over other forms of transportation. While a road trip with no destination can be relaxing (if you're not worrying about buying gas), walking has a lot of benefits. 

Not only is going on walks good for your physical health, but it also gives you time to breathe and calm down before arriving at your location. Next time you have a meeting or want to grocery shop, walk that 30 minutes instead of taking your car. 

Stand Out in the Sun In The Morning

Sometimes simple is best when it comes to dealing with anxiety. Along with getting your daily dose of vitamin D, sun exposure also brightens the mood and gets you energized. 

You don't need to dedicate hours to soak in the rays of the sun, a couple of minutes every day will do. If possible, aim to go out in the morning right after you wake up. Not only will it help you wake up, but it'll also boost your mood. Don't put on sunscreen and bring a bottle of water so that you can hydrate while you stand. 

Open The Windows

Air conditioning and heating are two of the many wonders that modern life has brought us. But sometimes we abuse our power. The indoor air can sometimes be stifling. Open your windows, even if it's just for a few minutes. Getting airflow and a fresh breeze inside will perk you up in no time. 

Connect With Nature to Connect With Your Heart

If you're struggling with anxiety, you are not alone. Even if people suffer uniquely and combat their disorders in various ways, everyone can benefit from going outside. Taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule is enough. Looking at the sky, the city animals and the greenery can help you get out of your head. Just breathe and look around, you belong.

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