Technology Secrets Behind Premium E-Liquids
Monday, 12 February 2018

When it comes to premium e-liquids there isn’t really one major factor behind what makes them stand out from the crowd. It is a combination of many different factors that go towards creating something that stands out to people and makes them wat it more than their normal choice. If just one of these factors isn’t up to the same level as the rest of the production line then it drags down the whole product. Never has the old adage “only as strong as the weakest link in the chain” been more true than for the development and production of e-liquids. What are some of the factors and technologies that go into the development of premium e-liquids though?


Before a new e-liquid is released to the market it goes through rigorous testing. This isn’t just to ensure the safety of the product but also to ensure that it is labelled correctly. The main test that is carried out on newly developed e-liquids is a high performance liquid chromatography test. This finds out the nicotine level of the product and ensures that it is labelled correctly when it gets sent out to be sold.
The second test that is carried out on newly developed e-liquids is a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This ensures that the e-liquid is both stable and safe to be consumed by the general public. Both of these tests require high levels of technology and are vital in both the production of e-liquids and getting the passed government agencies for general release.


Steeping e-liquids is a process that isn’t carried out by all manufacturers. The higher quality ones will steep their e-liquids before it is put on release. What does steeping do though? Well, steeping an e-liquid ensures that the ingredients all have chance to mix together correctly. This makes sure that your e-liquid will taste the same on the last day you use it as it did on the first day you used it.
Some of the cheaper brands of e-liquid or e-liquids that are mixed while you wait do not practice steeping, which means that as time goes on the flavour of the e-liquid changes giving you a less pleasant experience. A premium e-liquid will always be steeped, and if it isn’t then it doesn’t deserve the right to call itself premium.

Quality Ingredients

Another factor that goes into the production of e-liquids is the quality of the ingredients. The highest quality e-liquids will use only the highest quality ingredients. That may seem like a simple enough concept to grab, but unfortunately this is not always the case. The premium e-liquids will always start out by using pharmaceutical grade nicotine in their e-liquid blends. This should always be the case but not everyone adheres to these standards, a premium e-liquid will definitely provide you with the purest and best quality nicotine. They will also use the best quality propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that they can, this too is to ensure that the quality of the e-liquid is as high as possible.
The final factor that goes into the quality of ingredients that are used comes down to flavourings. Some of the lower quality e-liquids on the market will use artificial flavourings due to them being cheaper and sometimes easier to work with. A high quality premium e-liquid will always use natural flavourings and extracts where possible and will also always ensure that every extract they use adheres to the food processing laws in that relevant country. Some flavours are not possible without the use of artificial extracts, but all additives to an e-liquid should conform to food safety standards and in premium quality e-liquids this is always the case.

What next?

There is not a huge amount of room for technological advancement in the e-liquid creation world. One possible future innovation could be an introduction of the use of centrifuges to increase the speed of steeping, this could also allow new flavours to be created in the future with current extracts that do not mix well. A centrifuge would allow for a more thorough mixing process and could hold the key to creating a whole new level of quality e-liquids.
E-liquid creation will continue to develop at a rapid pace as the demand for different flavours and strengths increases. This means that there could be a whole new wealth of technology that is developed specifically for e-liquid creation in the future.
As the world of vaping is a relatively young one, that means there are almost boundless possibilities going forwards. Who knows, within the next ten years would could have medicine that is administered via vaping. There really is no limit to the possibilities, all it will take is the right investment. With how the popularity of vaping is currently growing it is safe to say that the future really is bright.
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