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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Ozone therapy, also known as oxygen therapy, is the use of ozone gas to treat a variety of pathologies.

Primarily used as a natural disinfectant and a powerful antioxidant, new research into the benefits of ozone has opened up a plethora of applications of ozone therapy.

It has shown promising health benefits and is widely used in the wellness industry by prominent naturopaths. Ozone therapy is natural as it quickly gets converted into oxygen once it interacts with the lipids in our body.

In this article, Dr. Jason from explains how Ozone therapy works and its benefits. Let’s start by looking at how ozone therapy is administered.
Ozone Blood IV
In an ozone blood IV, blood is directly drawn out from the veins, mixed with ozone gas, and reintroduced back to the veins. This method floods the body with oxygen and is a powerful way of refreshing our system.
Ozone Sauna
In an ozone Sauna, your skin is exposed to the Ozone gas. Ozone is quickly absorbed by the dermis of our skin on a single exposure. Prolonged exposure to ozone also causes the gas to travel to the epidermis of the skin and then to the underlying subcutaneous layers. Once O3 is absorbed into the subcutaneous layer, it gets further absorbed by the arteries and circulated throughout the body.
Benefits of Ozone Therapy
The healthy benefits of ozone therapy in our bodies are numerous. It combats cell mutation, thereby lowering the risk of developing some types of cancer. Oxygen therapy also destroys bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This strengthens our immune system and keeps us safe from infections. The specific benefits of Ozone therapy include:

Treats Chronic Fatigue

The cause of chronic fatigue is lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in our body during exertion/stress and is responsible for our feeling of mental and physical fatigue. It is naturally broken down into carbon dioxide with the help of oxygen. Ozone therapy deeply oxygenates our blood and different tissues.

It is an excellent way of increasing oxidative stress that naturally kicks off our body’s metabolism. The higher bioavailability of oxygen in our body results in increased energy production and a decrease in lactic acid. A simple session of ozone therapy can offset the effects of long-drawn fatigue.

Therapeutic effects on the skin

Once absorbed into the skin, ozone purifies different layers of skin, cleansing it off dead cells, microscopic pathogens, and pollutants. It is used as a final treatment of skin infections since it destroys all pathogens locked deep inside minute fissures of skin tissues that ointments can’t reach. Ozone is commonly used in dermatology to aid the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne, scarring, rashes, and more.

May Help in Cancer

Ozone gas has shown the potential to reverse cell mutations and prevent the spread of cancer. It is popularized as an adjuvant for cancer treatment by the US N National Center for Biotechnology Information. Ozone therapy is seen as a natural alternative to chemotherapy during the initial stages of cancer.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Recent research into cholesterol oxidation in artery plague formations has opened the doors for ozone therapy in the treatment of cholesterol. Ozone gas has shown great potential in naturally decreasing cholesterol levels in our blood and reduce the chances of artery-clogging.

Ozone shows close similarities to aspirin as it thins out the blood and increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin. Ozone is also known to prevent heart attacks by increasing blood lipid metabolism and activation of the antioxidant protection system.

Hormonal Balancing

Hormonal imbalance is a common problem that often goes undiagnosed. The symptoms are subtle and evolve over the long term. Elements of modern lifestyle like stress, caffeine, nicotine, insomnia, high carb/fat diets cause changes in our hormone system.

Ozone reverses the effects of these habits and also brings back the hormone balance in our body. It is used to cure thyroid imbalance that is linked with weight gain, tiredness, depression, dry skin, and muscle aches.

Ozonated autohemotherapy is used in different disciplines of allopathy to treat complications arising out of hormonal imbalance.

Boosts Immunity

Ozone has high sterilizing strength and is one of the most powerful antioxidants. When administered directly into the bloodstream, ozone reaches out to the free-radicals present in our body. The O3 molecule contains a specially charged oxygen atom that has a high oxidative affinity towards lipids.

This means that the O3 molecule can capture free-radicals like viruses, bacteria, pollutants, etc. and produce oxygen as a byproduct. This unique property makes ozone a great immunity-booster and a potential adjuvant for HIV treatment. For general wellness, ozone is highly recommended for adults going on a trip to mitigate the risk of catching viral/bacterial infections.

May Aid Treatment of Substance Abuse

Research published in The Journal of the International Ozone Association has mentioned the beneficial effects of Ozone therapy in patients recovering from alcohol abuse. It mentions that the high amount of oxidative stress ameliorates different nervous disorders arising out of imbalances in neurotransmitters.

In other pilot studies and mass researches, ozone has shown high potential for neurology. It has shown beneficial outcomes in reducing symptoms arising out of vascular-autonomic disturbances and maintaining a healthy brain-blood barrier.


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