The Challenges of Finding Professional Therapy
Thursday, 18 April 2019

So you’ve just found out that you’re dealing with depression. You freak out. While that’s a completely natural response, it’s important to remember that one in five adults in the U.S. live with a mental disorder. So, this is actually very common. What’s unfortunate though is thatfinding a good therapist for your needs isn’t an easy task.For starters, most U.S. citizens don’t have access to professional therapy nearby their residence (it’s roughly 50%). Other times,people find it hard to move from therapist to therapist in an effort to find “the right one.”Others may feel rejected and humiliated because of their problems such as anxiety and depression; thus, leading to fear.

But remember, everything in life in a process. This can help you find a therapist who will give helpful counseling services to you. Once you find the right one and feel comfortable, the patient will feel free to share his personal issues since professionals are entrusted with serious responsibilities of this magnitude. However, as already stated, finding alicensed psychologistis sochallenging for most people that they give up. Here are some reasons why, along with solutions to these issues.

1. Getting the right therapist can be a tedious process

Finding any kind of service is time consuming. Whether it be a plumber or a therapist, it will take hours of research to find the right one. Getting the one you’ll be more comfortable with may take a couple of days, weeks, or even months. That’s why the majority call it a tedious process since you have to move up and down finding one. The solution is to keep calm and understand that it is a process, but one that you’ll overcome.

2. One may feel embarrassed to expose all the problems

As said earlier, the majority are fearful of admitting their issues to anyone, let alone a therapist who they consider a stranger. Some think that it’s not okay to share their innermost secrets or personal things while others feel embarrassed to face a professional. Also, there are those who believe that therapy is a weird process. The solution is to understand that licensed psychologists have a well-built understanding of therapy. The hours of training they have undergone has certainly played a role in helping thousands of other people. Just like a neurosurgeon is a professional, so to is a licensed therapist.

3. There are limited psychologists mostly in remote areas

Most remote areas don’t have qualified personnel to give any service. Also, it may be very challenging to select the one you want since they lack multiple selections of licensed professionals. Remember, this limit can make one feel uncomfortable with the available therapists in the area. The solution here is either to travel outside of your general vicinity in order to get help, or you could explore other non-traditional options such as telepsychiatry.

4. You may get licensed therapy different from the one you’re looking for

Different psychologists have various specialties. For instance, there are those best in solving marriage crisis, drug addiction, child abuse, and mental health disorders among other groups. Therefore, you may find it difficult to get a professional counselor suitable to handle your case in the right manner.This is actually extremely common among the more rural population. The “lucky” ones who do have access to a professional oftentimes find that this therapist in their city does not specialize in what they need assistance with. The solution to this is quite simple. Everything nowadays is digitized. Every business, product or service has a web presence. This includes virtually all therapists. Make sure to look at their website in order to see if they can properly help you. Similarly, you can use a therapist directory, which not only makes it easy to find a professional in your local area, but will also tell you all of the information about the therapist in your vicinity.
5. The process can be devastating when outlining where to start searching

Sometimes, we see that our friends or relatives succeeded in theircounseling. And this makes others think that they too can achieve similar results. They then make an effort of starting the search, only to see that it’s more complex than they thought. Finding the same solution as that of your friend is not so simple, especially when you’re first starting out. So, people generally immediately give up their search. The solution to this is to push forward. Like the first point, recognize that this is just the start of the process, but that it’s a step that is necessary.

All that said, even though it’s challenging to find a licensed psychologist to share your problems with, it’s essential to push through it and not give up. Remember, the right counselor will always bring new changes and insights into your behaviors and feelings. Why give up on something that can have a dramatic impact on your life?
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