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The Role Music Exploration Plays at Holistic Rehab Centers
Monday, 18 March 2019

Music exploration is becoming more and more popular among modern holistic drug rehab programs. The ability of music to allow patients to identify, process, accept, and work through their emotions has been assisting musical therapists in their treatment of patients within drug rehabilitation centers for many years. But what is music exploration and how exactly does it help patients within these programs?

What Is Music Exploration?

The use of music exploration or music therapy within drug rehabilitation centers has become increasingly popular since its beginnings in the late 1900s. The goal of music exploration in drug rehab programs is to help patients access emotions and issues that they would not have been able to through more traditional therapy. During treatment at drug rehabilitation centers that offer music exploration, music therapists will create both group and individual activities to encourage sharing and personal growth among patients.

How Does Music Exploration Help in Recovery?
  • One of the primary ways music therapy helps patients in their recovery is music allows people to become more in tune with their own emotions. Those facing addiction often create various coping mechanisms to help them hide from their own emotions. Music therapy helps to break down emotional walls that may have been built up, so true feelings can be addressed and dealt with in a healthy manner.
  • Musical therapy offers an indirect way of addressing emotions as well, meaning even if patients are hesitant to speak about the way they feel in terms of themselves, they can draw similarities to songs or lyrics that explain the way they feel. Taking part in drug rehab programs can be a very scary experience, and patients are sometimes anxious when it comes to speaking about themselves. Music and lyrics can help patients speak about their emotions and issues in an indirect way, allowing them to be more open and honest.
  • Exploring music within drug rehab centers helps patients increase their self-awareness. Music has an interesting way of making people think about things that perhaps they would not have given other circumstances. Music helps patients feel what they're actually feeling throughout the process of recovery, instead of allowing them to hide or numb those feelings through drug or alcohol use.
Types of Music Exploration

Below is a list of a few different types of popular music exploration practices/activities.
  • Lyrical Analysis: Lyrical analysis is used to help patients in drug rehab facilities explore their own emotions and identify various emotional states.
  • Songwriting: In many treatment centers, patients are encouraged to keep a journal throughout their recovery, to help them express their thoughts and feelings. Writing songs has a similar idea behind it. Even if the songs won’t be shared with others, writing them can be very therapeutic for patients at drug rehab centers.
  • Start drumming: Drumming in particular, has been shown to help reduce stress levels among those in recovery, as well as providing a relaxing feeling to the drummer.
  • Playlist creation: Another practice sometimes encouraged at drug rehab programs is creating various playlists designed to affect the mood of the patient. For example, playlists designed to relax the patient or energize them for a workout. Playlists can also be created to help when patients are feeling sad or depressed.
  • Music meditation: Some music is particularly good for helping patients in drug rehab facilities focus through meditation. Many people find meditation in total silence to be difficult. However, using music can help to quiet the mind when first beginning a meditation practice.
Music Therapy Can Make the Difference
Drug rehab facilities have begun to integrate music exploration into their patients’ treatment. This practice has been proven to help patients more easily and accurately access and process through their emotions, and also helps encourage positive coping mechanisms among patients at drug rehab centers.
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