The secret of body language

 Would you like to know if your partner is lying? Or is he hiding something? Does a person near you feel insecure? Whatever you want to know about a person and a situation: body language tells you! The famous poker face should avoid that. The poker player knows the power of body language and deliberately hides the gestures that can betray him. But what should you pay attention to if you want to analyze body language?

 It doesn't matter whether you meet people at work or in everyday life. We all try to hide our real intentions. Sometimes we do it for the reason of not emotionally hurting a person. And sometimes we want to hide something that has negative consequences. But we all practice gestures with our bodies. We are not aware of this and often do not know which signals we send. Would you like to know whether the person is annoyed or really cares about your conversation? Is the laugh real or just played? Does the person hide information or lie to you? Lies in particular want to be exposed.

Eyes, head, legs speaks the truth

But not only the eyes play a role and the direction in which they move. Gestures with your hands can also tell you whether to hide a fact. The position of the head is also an important indicator to find the truth. The situation is different with the legs and the seating position. Here you can find out whether the person wants to leave the place or end the conversation. The position of the upper body shows where the person is now orienting himself. In this regard, body language can also look into the future. Power gestures can also be seen in body language. Angela Merkel and her diamond by hand are well known and should indicate strong competence. Businessmen and scholars who put their hands in their pockets symbolize wisdom and knowledge.

Laugh and include your eyes

We all know the wrong laugh. Only the mouth moves and the rest of the face remains rigid. With a real laugh, the eyes move along and the wrinkles around the eye.
The voice, another indication

The voice also plays a role in recognizing truth or lies. There is a reason why the voice gets quieter in a conversation. The end of the sentence should probably no longer be heard so clearly. Because this sentence could contain information that you do not like to reveal. Even an overwrought loud voice hides a statement and can be interpreted. Is there a slow or slow answer? The voice hides secrets that reveal true intentions.

When can body language be misinterpreted?

However, body language cannot always be interpreted correctly. In some situations this is not correct. If a person is nervous because an important conversation is imminent, gestures can result that are misinterpreted. They are then due to nervousness and not as an unconscious expression. Crisis situations in which we behave differently than usual are also difficult to interpret. Illness or pain can result in the person always touching a certain part of the body with his hand. Classically, this is the hand that always touches the face or cheek. Man has pain in the jaw and wants to alleviate the pain with this gesture. The body language is then not used sensibly. Therefore, all factors must be considered before analyzing body language.

Do you want to hide your unconscious body language yourself?

If you want to master and control your body language, you need a portion of introspection. It can be very tiring. But over time you learn that and it becomes easier. Politicians also learn to avoid unconscious gestures so that they do not reveal anything that should not yet be made public. A good inner calm is just as necessary as the serenity. In stressful situations or in a restless environment, it is more difficult to control yourself. It is important to take care of your hands and face. Because these are the body parts that are most noticed in a conversation. Control of your own body must be maintained all the time for this to work.

How can I learn perfect intuition and body language analysis?

Many coaching providers have specialized in strengthening intuition. But if you also want to deal with it on the spiritual level, you can find it on platforms for interpretations, future forecasts, and spiritual growth.
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Helen Keller

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