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Things New Moms Need to Quit
Sunday, 22 August 2021

Being a mother is one of the most exciting and new experiences. Nearly every girl passes through this stage and experiences the most caretaking nine months of her life. Being a mom for the first time is an anxious and uncertain thing.

New mothers are far more conscious and worried about bringing their baby to this world. This is because they don't have the experience, and all they know about this stage is using the internet, consulting their doctor, or listening from experienced moms.

As new mothers are uncertain about what to do and what not to do. They spend most of their time skimming on the internet to find guidelines. This article is the solution that new moms need the most. It includes some things new mothers have to quit to keep everything smooth and tense free before welcoming their baby.

So following are some of the things you need to quit if you are planning for a baby for the first time.

Leave all Addictive

Girls are usually habitual of alcohol while enjoying adulthood, but things are different if they plan for their first baby. You should always keep in mind that if you are addicted to alcohol or any drugs, it will harm your baby in every possible way.
From unhealthy nutrition to the baby's disturbing growth in your womb, addictive will be the worst enemy for your offspring. So while planning for your first baby, say goodbye to all these addictive and practices to live without them. It will prepare you well enough not only to plan for a baby but to live a clean and healthy life after your baby arrives.

Quit Smoking

As an additive, smoking is another harmful thing that will affect your baby in your womb. According to a study, women who smoke are far more likely to be infertile than women who don't. However, if they somehow manage to give birth, they have more chances of low birth weight and diminished health.
Smoking could also lead you to have a miscarriage or premature labor, which is not suitable for you and your baby in any way. So women planning to get pregnant are advised to quit smoking at least three months prior. This will optimize the body to get ready for pregnancy.

Limit soda and fruit juice consumption

Research has concluded that Soda and fruit juice contain a high amount of sugar. It usually leads to rising blood sugar levels that affect your body as it fights to bring your sugar levels to optimum. Studies show that increased consumption of soda and sugar-related items often leads to infertility, eventually leading to difficulties in getting pregnant. So it is another item to quit before planning for pregnancy.
To be more sure, you can also consult your doctor as he knows better about your body needs.

Say Goodbye to excess medicines.

No doubt medicines are a need of your body if it is not naturally stabilizing pregnancy. But pregnancy demands more precise and only essential medication to be used. Medicines take a while to leave your body, and most of them are not suitable for the baby at all.
You should reconsider all your medications and leave all those which are not mandatory. Consulting your doctor is evident as they will prescribe you the optimum medicine that will not harm your baby and serve your body as well.
Avoid eating certain fishes.
Sounds weird? After so much effort and research, doctors have pointed out some fish types that affect you during pregnancy. Fishes like swordfish, sharks, king mackerel, and tilefish contain high levels of mercury.
Too much consumption of mercury can damage the baby's brain development and nervous system. The harm is not in the fish but the high levels of mercury. You can practice making a diet that limits mercury consumption to 12 ounces a week. It will have rewarding results if you focus on your diet before and during pregnancy.

Avoid stressful activities

With the avoidance of tangible items, you should also focus on maintaining good physiological health as the baby is attached to your body. Every matter that runs in your mind will have an impact on the baby's health. It even affects fertility.
Your body will only accept the baby when it will be ready for it. So it's up to you how you will optimize it. Researches have concluded that pregnancy occurs when the couples are intimate and relaxed with each other.
After you succeed in getting pregnant, you still have to be very much cautious with taking the least amount of stress. Living in a positive environment and participating in body relaxing activities will positively impact the baby. The husband has to play a vital role in this by keeping your mood positive and taking you to places that comfort you the most.

Consume less caffeine

Before getting pregnant, you should also control your caffeine consumption. Coffee and tea are primary sources of caffeine, and excess consumptions are harmful to the baby in the womb. It affects the development of a baby's growth. It also leads to miscarriages in many cases.
Not only while pregnancy but even before it, excess caffeine consumption leads to infertility in both males and females. Doctors suggest that a pregnant woman should consume no more than 200mg of caffeine per day. So it would be best if you manage the caffeine consumption accordingly.


Pregnancy will be the most exciting experience in your life if you focus on all the things that can be harmful in any way. Controlling them and focusing more on yourself during your maternity period will reward you the most. The more you will be prepared, the more relaxed you will be during your pregnancy.
Also, it is better to stay clear of additives and alcohol. If you are one such mom who is having trouble with being addicted to drugs, then opting for addiction treatment for couples is the best option.
Besides, being happy and positive will help you if you are a first-time mom.
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