If you want to have an exercise professional or personal trainerhelping you in your goals, this guide will support you when choosing an expert trainer.If you have decided to take the step to personalized training and it is time to choose a personal trainer. A correct decision can be the difference between success and problems at the time of training. 

 Here we give you some proven tips that will help you in choosing you a right trainer which has experience and personal trainer courses UK.


Do you see him as a coach? Of course, judging by appearance is not a good idea, but neither will you want to coach someone who sees that the only exercise is going from the TV chair to the refrigerator and back. If they look and feel good, it's because something is doing well.

Personalized Program

Ask if they can give you a personalized program, because sometimes they have to follow the gym where they work, but the ideal is to have an exercise program according to your needs.

Common sense

The less common sense of a trainer may causes many problems. Difficult to know if he has it, so you will have to ask for references to other clients about how he treated them. At this point, we mean that if you are an older person, or have never exercised, the common sense of your coach will tell you that you cannot put a Spartan routine on the first day. Some do it, and it can bring you problems.


Almost all of us can feel compatibility or not with the people we know at the time of knowing them. Did you like the coach? Is it someone with whom do you see yourself working daily? Would you feel comfortable following his orders and advice?

Proof class

If possible, take a test session, so you can find out if it is the right person for you.

Employment time

Investigate how long you have been a personal trainer, ask for your professional credentials, and research how much time you have in that gym. You do not want to commit to a coach that changes its sports center every month.

Ask for references

If you can, try to find out previous success stories that motivate you to stay with this person. If you have a somewhat negative record, maybe it's not for you.

If it's personal, it's yours

At least for an hour, or the time you train. Ask if the time you hire for you will dedicate 100% to you, as there are coaches who train several peoplein one hour, and end up spending only 15 minutes for you.

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