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Tips To Keep Your Energy
Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Fall is here. This change is season makes it harder and harder to stay energized throughout the day, and nearly impossible to leave the warm cocoon of down comforters to get up and start your day. Try these tips to get on track this Fall and keep your energy up.

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Don’t just jump out of bed and hit the snooze, or even scramble for that first cup of coffee. Give your body time to stretch before moving. Stretching sends messages to all your moving parts that you are ready to begin the day. It not only helps your muscles wake up, it brings blood to the muscle tissues before demanding them to perform, think of it as a balanced breakfast of sorts for your muscles. A warmed up muscle will not only have more energy, it will be less likely to experience injury. Stretching is also a good way to revitalize your body, after sitting in front of a computer or desk for long periods of time.

Cold shower

Cold hip bath or deep plunge. Good Morning World! Nothing like a cold shower to get you going. This remedy as old as yoga and can be just as effective to boost your system. Some macrobiotics claim it helps create an alkaline reaction for over acidic conditions. If this seems about as appealing as wearing your bikini in a snowstorm, take your normal hot shower and at the end turn the water to a mildly cold temperature. This change will pleasantly wake you up.

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Break up your day with an exercise break

If you are one of the lucky ones who work close enough to an elements for women™ club, using your lunch break as an exercise break can boost your energy for the rest of the day. Ask your personal lifestyle coach about which exercises would be best tailored for your midday exercise break. If your lunch hour is more of a quick lunch break, take a walk. Even a 15 min walk will rejuvenate your body and keep the energizing blood flowing through your body.


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The secret ingredient in those energy drinks is in there for a reason. Considered a non-essential amino acid because your body can produce it, at times of extreme exertion your body can no longer produce the required amounts of it. A metabolic transmitter it has a known detoxifying effect, can be found in skeletal muscle tissues, but is mostly used by the body in processing fats.


Get enough sleep. It seems obvious, but it is always harder than we realize. Try setting a "bedtime" for yourself and try to stick to it. This way you can wake up refreshed and watch Conan with your morning toast.

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Ginkgo tea

Drink a cup of Ginkgo tea- think well, and move well. Gingko Biloba is a herb that can imrpove brain function by increasing blood flow to the brain by imrpoving circulation. Ginko treats depression, headaches, and can prevent memory loss.

Eat Smart

The food we eat has a huge impact on how we perform. The right combination of nutrients, vitamins and minerals is essential for energy output, as is eating breakfast regularly, eating frequently during the day (mini-meals containing 250-300 calories) and getting enough fluids. Thought: Work with a certified and licensed nutritionist to determine how well you eat and where you can improve. It is really worth the investment.

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Unmanaged stress does more to rob us of energy than anything else. Stress generates negative emotions, disrupts sleep, fosters poor eating habits and interferes with exercise routines. In addition, stress hormones can wreak havoc on our cardiovascular and immune systems. The results can be disastrous for outsmarting the status quo. Learning proper ways to respond to stress is an essential life skill. Yoga, deep breathing and meditation are all great options and should be incorporated into a daily routine.

And take care of your health! Remember that “He who has health, has hope; He who has hope, has everything.”


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