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Top 10 Nail Paint Trends in USA
Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Bordeaux Nails:

The hottest as well as stunning color for all of your nails especially in the upcoming months is going to be red. Red nail colors are tagged with the Bordeaux tones and these tones are considered as very hot now a days. You can definitely pick up this tone for sure. This trend is going to be on every fashion lover’s nail in the coming months.

Glittery Nails:

Glittery trend is on second number but this very trend is not regarded as appropriate when it comes to everyday look. This glittery look is totally perfect for different occasions such as engagement, wedding, and dates.

Golden Nails:
Golden nail color is a very dominating kind of color in terms of all latest nail fashion trends. All these trends are presented for 2016. This color can easily be found in clothes, accessories and even nail polishes for more luxury and to add an elegant and bright touch to your hands. You can also use the golden shade for creating different patterns and prints and for getting French manicure that makes your hands eye-catching.
Metallic shades:
These color shades provide you with shiny fingernails. You can have these nails if you are not going to have glittery nails.
Matching colors:
Matching colors are considered to as most noteworthy as well as hottest colors of the season. You can match your dress with your matching nail paint for sure. You can even match your nail paint with your shoes or other accessories as well. This matching or nail paint and other accessories are going to be in later in this year. You will also love to match your nail color with the lipstick you are having on your lips.
Natural Nails:
Natural nails are also loved by many fashion lovers as these nails give you a very natural as well as a very sophisticated kind of look. Natural nails are also called nude nails. These nails are somehow less impressive as compared to those of colored ones. You can surely make combination of these natural or nude nail paints with some other light colors such as: beige, milky white and soft pink. You can also go for pale peachy color for sure.
Lace Nails:
Lace nails are new in this line. Lace nails are to provide fashion lovers with a vintage kind of look. Common color used for this style of nails is white but you can still use other colors for sure. You can create so many unique as well as trendy lace looks by making designs on your nails. All these designs are lice lace that is why these kinds of nails are called lace nails.
Striped Nails:
Stripes nails are also in fashion this year especially in USA. These nails have strips on them. You can make these strips with any color of your choice.
Moon-type Nails:
Moon type nails are very hot and can enhance the beauty of your nails as well as hands.
Crazy and creative Nails:
Crazy and creative nails are choice of everyone and these nails are again in fashion this year.
Source: A nail is a horn-like envelope covering the tips of the fingers and toes
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