Top 6 differences between traditional and plasma lighters
Saturday, 26 May 2018

Does the name "plasma lighter" sound familiar to you? These lighters are the next big thing on lighter technology, and they are taking over the world. Plasma lighters are electric lighters (yes you read right, no fuel, less carbon footprint) that can be charged. They feature a lithium battery, and they are much more reliable over time than traditional lighters. Take a look at this article and learn the top 6 differences that make plasma lighters a better option compared to traditional lighters.


1. Traditional lighters can be very cheap, but also very bad

It is known that you can buy very cheap traditional lighters from any local store. They will serve their purpose, and it won't require a significant investment to acquire them. But, sometimes, you don't only want to just light cigarettes at a specific moment. Sometimes you need a lighter that you can use every day, for weeks, even if you are not a smoker. Cheap traditional lighters need to be replaced much sooner.

2. Electric lighters last longer

Cheap conventional lighters run out of fuel very fast. You use them for a short period, and then you have to buy another one. They are not designed to last. Sometimes you have to make sure that they work just before you pay for them! And the worst thing is that you will find yourself buying a lot of them in the long run! This explains why traditional lighters last longer than their cheap conventional counterparts, and they are just made differently.

Electric lighters are reliable for the long run

On the other hand, electric lighters can hold their charge for about three days of continuous use. After that, you can charge it in most electric outlets, USB ports and portable energy sources, such as power banks. If you worry about what to use while charging it, you can buy two lighters and use one while the other charges, which won't be for too long. It's clear that plasma lighters can hold their charge for longer time, so Shop now! You see, fuel in traditional ones can run out pretty fast, especially if they are cheap.

You won't like to find yourself with an empty lighter and have to buy another to smoke your cigarette, a situation no one wants to be in.

3. Maintenance

Yes, is true that we have been comparing plasma lighters to cheap, over the counter lighters. It is reasonable and fair to compare them to top-notch traditional lighters, isn't it?. The thing is that they are very different.

So yes, we know that buying a quality traditional lighter can be a reasonable money investment, but they also turn out to make you spend more money in the long run. You see, with plasma lighters, the only thing that you would need to replace is the battery, and even then, the used battery will still light cigarettes for a lot of time. And that's after a lot of charge cycles, an investment in the long run.

On the other hand, when traditional lighters run out of fuel, you have to refill them, and this fuel can prove to be expensive. Sometimes this fuel can prove to be very hard to find on stores and the only way to refill your lighter would be doing it on a store that specializes in this, for a fee, of course. The flint that produces the spark also wears out, so that's another item to buy.

4. Electric lighters are windproof

Yes, this is true. You can light one near a powerful fan, and it will still work. With traditional ones, the flame will just get extinguished. All electric lighters are naturally windproof, so rest assured they will work in the worst of windy days.

5. Electric lighters can also be waterproof

Some advanced designs can light stuff after receiving large drops of water. This is not the case with traditional lighters, for starters, the spark will never ignite when wet.

6. Electric lighters are cooler

Electric lighters can burn stuff very fast, and they are often made in slick futuristic designs. Traditional lighters are OK but are not as innovative as their ionized counterparts.

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