Top Healthy Benefits of Playing Table Tennis/ Ping Pong
Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Table Tennis is one indoor sport which is enjoyed all over the world. When people first started playing the ping pong game, they probably did not think much about the benefits associated with the sports. They played the game, because they enjoyed it. With time it was noticed that those who played the game, enjoyed several advantages and loved the game in many ways. In fact, several health issues were solved when one started to play the game on a regular basis.


The history of Table Tennis dates back to several years, when people played the game as a mere recreational sport. It was played during the weekends, during special events, occasions and other times when friends and relatives gathered at a place. The game is known to be a great mind booster, helped in family bonded and offered a great relief from the mundane life. If you have ever played table tennis, you probably know how fun and entertaining the game is. It brings a huge difference in the lives of the players – especially how they feel and how their health improves. If you haven’t yet played the game and wondering how your health can improve playing the game, we have a few ideas, which can make a difference.

Improve Your Overall Health:

Table tennis is one game which helps in improving your total health. When it is about total health, many factors are considered. These include:

Good for the mind – Table tennis is one game which helps in improving your mental setup. Players are required to focus a lot, on the opponent, especially on the strike and the way the table tennis paddle is moved. This means, there is great need for concentration and focus. It helps in developing the mind and improves concentration skills.
Good for metabolism – Sitting long hours in a place is often quite dangerous. It causes poor circulation and it is unhealthy for the overall body. There is less body movement and it leads to several problems in the long run due to poor metabolism. Poor metabolism leads to several other problems and we are advised to do everything which helps in improving the metabolism. Thus, if you feel you have a sluggish metabolism and need to bring certain changes in your daily activities, you shouldn’t miss out playing table tennis. This game is just perfect for those who are exhausted with their sedentary lifestyle and are looking for a relief.
Helps In Weight Loss – Those who are trying to lose weight for a long time and are not able to should try playing table tennis. All sporting activities help us to lose weight but Table tennis is one game which offers amazing weight loss abilities. It helps in losing weight when you have tried everything and you are not able to do. Since this is quite a fast paced game, it involves rapid movement of the body. This helps in working out the whole body and helps to lose weight amazingly.

Table Tennis is also the way to connect with your friends whom you haven’t met for a long time. There are times, when we feel like meeting everyone we are fond of, but we do not have the time or scope. How do you manage in such a situation? These games are a way to enjoy and spend good times with all your loved ones.

If you have been trying to arrange something for a long time but was not quite sure how to go about it, you can try the game of table tennis, it is definitely going to bring a difference in your life. Arranging a brunch and enjoying the game with your friends is a good way to socialize. You can even call your neighbours for a friendly game when you wish to meet everyone.


Lastly, table tennis is one game which is suitable for all. The game can be played by young and old alike. There is no special time to play the game nor do you need any special training. It can be played anytime you wish with minimum accessories. Thus, this is one of the most played games all over the world and one of those few games which are known for their amazing health benefits.

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