Types of Botox Facial Injections

 When it comes to Botox, there are all different areas where you might start wondering about your options. There are all different areas where wrinkles develop and you may be wondering if Botox is an option for you if you’ve started to notice wrinkles in any part of your face. So, just where can you treat wrinkles with this product? The answer is a lot of different places.

Glabellar Lines 

These are the lines right below the forehead that most people think of when they think about getting Botox treatment. As far as Botox cosmetic procedures done by Botox centers such as NewSkin Laser Center, this is the most popular. Technically it’s the area between the eyebrows but above the nose.

Forehead Lines

These lines are another popular one and they are visible on one of the largest muscles of the face. When you contract the muscles of your forehead, that’s when you start to see these wrinkles and lines (try making a confused face and see how your forehead crinkles up). 

Periorbital Lines

These are the crow’s feet that no one likes. They sit right at the corner of your eyes and they’re one of the biggest indicators (according to most people) of age. They’re also known as a type of smile lines but unfortunately, while they’re popular with people who use Botox, they’re not quite as receptive as other types of lines and wrinkles. 

Perioral Lines

These are also known as lipstick lines. Okay, these lines don’t actually occur where you put your lipstick, but are actually above your lips. People who smoke or otherwise pucker up their lips a lot are definitely at a bigger risk for this type of lines, though there are plenty of other reasons that could play a part. 

Bunny Lines

Have you heard of these? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. These are lines that are located on the nose. When you smell something bad and scrunch up your nose you’ll notice these lines. What’s really bad for many people though is that getting Botox for other areas of the face can actually make these lines worse. 

Marionette Lines

These are the lines that look kind of like the jaw of a marionette. They’re vertical lines that extend usually from the corners of the mouth to the chin and they can actually be quite deep as well. That’s why they generally won’t be treated just with Botox, but with some type of filler as well. 

Chin Dimples

These lines create a series of small lines and dimples over the chin. They can sometimes be treated with only Botox but often they may need a little bit of help from fillers as well. This helps to fill out the chin and make it more rounded.

Do You Need Botox?
If you’re experiencing any of these types of lines or wrinkles you may be a candidate for Botox or some other type of cosmetic procedure. Many people get Botox treatment every day and many people are able to recognize a range of different benefits from the procedure. The best thing you can do is talk with your doctor to find out about the different processes that are available and what might be best for you. 

A doctor or dermatologist should be the one taking care of the procedure for you so that you can be sure it’s done properly and that you’re going to get the best possible results. Keep in mind, however, that results are different for everyone and that not every person is going to get the results that they’re looking for. Also, Botox treatments don’t last forever and that means you will need to get treatment again. 

You can start the process of looking younger again with Botox and you may be able to smooth out many of the wrinkles and lines that you’ve been seeing show up on your face. You’ll never know unless you give it a try. 


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