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Thursday, 11 April 2019

 The most commonly discussed diseases in the health world now a days are the heart diseases. Heart diseases are all diseases which concern the heart or to be more general, the circulatory system of an individual. 

 The simplest way to describe the functionality of the heart is by saying that it ‘’pumps blood’’. Being such a vital organ and because the ratio of the mortality rate due to this disease just keeps on showing an increase, people are highly concerned about finding out ways to improve the heart’s health. 

There are different type of heart diseases. Many individuals keep ignoring the chances of them falling a prey to the disease and stick to their unhealthy diet routine while just a hand full of people, visit the doctor if they have the tendency of developing the disease, to know about their chances.


Early recognition of the problem can really help with the efficient treatment and cure of a particular disease. Similarly, having an early idea about the chances a person has of developing a heart disease can be really helpful for the person to either prevent the disease completely or be able to cure it. The doctors usually recommend people that have tendencies of developing the disease to adopt a permanent healthy lifestyle and keeping a check on things such as their diet, cholesterol, blood sugar and so much more. 

This calculator is specially developed to help individuals calculate their chances of developing any kind of disease related to the heart by taking into account many factors, just by staying at home. Instead of visiting the doctor again and again, you only have to open ASCVD Risk Calculator at the and you can easily get your desired information regarding the health of your heart. 


The calculator not only calculates the required information but it also does this by ensuring maximum simplicity. The calculator is very basic to use and does not require any kind of personal information such as your name or email for the use. You only have to provide the calculator with some simple information. 

As can be seen, the left side of the calculator indicates that there are two steps. 

-Step 1:

This part of the calculator requires information such as your gender,your age, your cholesterol level (As excessive cholesterol is considered bad and can lead to heart diseases), your high-density lipoprotein level, and your systolic blood pressure. 

-Step 2:

This step is a little general and asks things related to your routine which can have an impact on your heart. 

It requires the information about your smoking habits, your diabetes (if you have diabetes or not), if you are on high blood pressure medication or if you have smoked any cigarettes in the previous months. 

-Final step.

This is the calculation step. You have to only hit the calculate button to know everything.
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