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Use Your Instagram Feed To Support and Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle
Tuesday, 25 May 2021

There's a lot of information out there about the negative impact of social media, but you can also use social media to create a positive impact on your life. If you're trying to make positive changes to your life, one of the first places to start is updating your social media feed on Instagram. Follow these recommendations to have a feed full of positivity that will encourage you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Brands You Trust

One of the easiest places to start is adding lifestyle brands that offer advice and support for healthy eating and exercise and self-care recommendations. Consider these five accounts on Instagram:
  • MNDFL Meditation is the Instagram of the New York yoga studio by the same name. Its IG focuses on how to practice mindfulness.
  • Nucific is a supplement brand whose IG focuses on nutritional information, recipes and workouts you can do from home.
  • CrossFit is the Instagram of the CrossFit brand with information on warm-ups, WoDs, motivation and recipes.
  • WW is the Instagram of Weight Watchers. The weight-loss company has made a strong transition to social media with body positivity, jokes, inspirational stories and recipes.
  • Nerd_Fitness focuses on online coaching and its IG has its fair share of fitness memes, exercise recommendations and success story motivation.

Find Food Bloggers

Following lifestyle and health brands can give you motivation and a chuckle but finding social media and food blogs that are specific to healthy eating can have an immediate impact on your wellness journey. Try following bloggers that focus on Instant Pot recipes if you need healthy recipes that can be prepared quickly. Other options include following food writers that usually have specific types of recipes, such as following the Mediterranean diet or vegetarian and vegan options.

Individuals Who Motivate

Don't just follow big business accounts. Following individuals who motivate you can be helpful in really creating a connection to the lifestyle you want. That said, here are five individuals who encourage a healthy lifestyle but have very different looks and focuses.
  • ChewJitsu is the IG of jiu-jitsu coach Nick Albin. With links to his podcast and YouTube channel, these posts focus on positivity and training.
  • HealthyHappySimple is a motivational Instagram account of personal trainer Andrea Williams. She focuses on strength training and body positivity for women.
  • Alex_Therapeuticoach is a sports therapist and anxiety release coach whose feed focuses on videos and IG TV of yoga workouts and mental health exercises.
  • SiljeTorp is the account of personal trainer and actress Silje Torp with a focus on interval training, weight training and mindfulness.
  • BlackGirlYoga is the home base of Black Girl Yoga, offering virtual classes, challenges, and motivational photos from many different participants.

Follow the Body Positivity Movement

Don't overload your feed with celebrities and brands that will make you feel bad about yourself. While you certainly want to live a healthy lifestyle and get plenty of exercise, healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Find accounts that show bodies like your own. Try searching for "body positivity" and "intuitive eating." Then look for accounts with bodies that are different from yours. Create an open mindset to what is normal by regularly checking out people of different sizes, races, sexual orientations and abilities.

Unfollow Accounts That Cause Negative Thoughts

What may be motivation for one person can trigger negative self-talk for another. You certainly want to follow accounts that challenge you to improve both your body and mind, but if something makes you feel insecure and that's where your focus is, then that page isn't right for you. You don't owe anyone an explanation, or need to accuse them of making you feel bad, simply unfollow and move along to what makes you feel good.
At the end of the day, social media should be a way to find a bigger world than you already know, learn a new recipe, find a new favorite exercise, or just relax. Remove its ability to make you anxious and focus on the positive.
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