Vaping- Is It as Bad as Some Say?

 There is no simple answer to this questions as there are so many aspects to take into consideration. In order to understand the basics on vaping, it’s important to know the difference between vaping and smoking. But that’s only one thing to begin with.

 Smoking or vaping? Which one is better?

When you’re smoking, you’re actually setting chemically treated tobacco on fire and you only inhale the smoke. The very small particulates are pretty invasive and are going to set deeply into the living tissues. 

On the other hand, when you’re vaping, you’re going to vaporize a liquid solution formulated with nicotine and various food grade ingredients. Vaping doesn’t involve any combustion at all.

As for the debate on which of the two is worse for your health, let’s take a closer look at the whole problem. 

Tobacco smoke includes thousands of chemicals and many of them have already proven to be carcinogens. Therefore, they’re linked to cancer. This is the case for the smoking.

In the case of vaping, the e-cig vapor is in fact the result of vaporizing the nicotine e-liquid solution formulated with VG or PG (they’re both food grade substances).

Even though US researchers aren’t clear on the real effects of vaping, in the UK, the researchers note that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. But why are the US researchers still sitting on the fence if the results are so obvious for the UK researchers?

It seems that the e-cigarette vapor has led to various results. Some studies revealed that the e-cig vapor doesn’t cause any toxic particulates. However, it has been also revealed that the type of vapor device used plays a big part in vaping. 

Long story short, nobody can state that “vaping is bad”, not unless the technology is also taken under consideration. 
Why should you go with vaping?

The FDA is trying to reduce tobacco-caused harm, looking into new ways to turn vaping into a better habit. The main goal is to stop smoking once and for all, nevertheless.

Here are the good things related to vaping:

i There is no second-hand involved
ii It doesn’t cause the odor of smoke
iii There is no combustion involved, so there are no dangerous byproducts of combustion eliminated when vaping
iv As an adult tobacco consumer, you get to choose from a great variety of flavors
v There is an impressive range of products and technologies that address different levels of users
vi You can use various nicotine levels for your vaping which gives you better control of the nicotine intake
vii You can stay away from harmful chemicals that are used for treating tobacco (ammonia is one)

What are the main downsides of vaping?

Even though it’s not as harmful as smoking, vaping also comes with its downsides:

i It does contain nicotine
ii Not everyone is comfortable around vapor
iii There are some side effects related to vaping (dry mouth is one of them)
iv It’s not a good option for the allergic customer

Can you become addicted to vaping?

Many researchers think that nicotine is addictive so it only makes sense that vaping is as well. Even though some recent research revealed that is nicotine isn’t as addictive as one thought, the debate is still on as we speak. Nevertheless, there are plenty of studies that show that vaping isn’t as addictive as smoking is.
A 2017 study noted that vaping is less addictive than smoking cigarettes. The study was a long-term one and was conducted on 30,000 people, which is an impressive sample size. 

It seems that vapers aren’t prone to develop strong cravings and they don’t wake up looking for nicotine. They handle very well restriction too. The study we’re talking about didn’t reveal that vaping isn’t addictive at all, but it did notice that it’s not as addictive as smoking.
In addition, the study showed that non-smokers aren’t that concern about vaping. The numbers revealed that 93% of the respondents that tried the e-cigarettes used to be smokers or are smokers at the moment.

Is vaping without nicotine as bad as you think?

One thing that the FDA is clear about is that nicotine is the main cause of addiction to tobacco products. This is why the FDA is thinking about regulations on reducing the amount of nicotine in tobacco products. Does this have to do anything with vaping? If nicotine is the main culprit, is vaping without nicotine a lot safer? Well, one may think that the answer is a straight “Yes”, but things are far more complicated than that.

Nicotine is the most common addictive chemical related to tobacco use. But is nicotine really that bad? As far as we know by now, nicotine is a stimulant and not a carcinogen per se. As it’s not nicotine that leads to cancer from smoking, but the harmful chemicals in the byproducts of combustion. It only makes sense that avoiding combustion recommends vaping as the safer choice.

When you’re vaping without nicotine, you’re going to reduce the nicotine in time. However, you shouldn’t start vaping only if you think it looks good on you. Don’t do vaping because you think it’s not harmful either. 

Is vaping without nicotine a healthy choice? Truth be told, American researchers don’t know it just yet. What we do know is that your lungs definitely work better when they have oxygen-rich and clean air. 

What’s our final thought?

It’s only natural to be asking yourself if vaping is good or bad for you. You need to do due diligence and take all things under consideration, looking into all the info there is at the moment related to the matter. 

i We do know that the device you’re using and how you use it play a big part in the whole process. The rule of thumb is that you should stay away from the e-liquid products and the low-quality vapor. Go with the electronic cigarettes instead and don’t sacrifice their quality either.

ii Always buy your vaping kits and products from trustworthy supplier. One of the best and cheapest places wher you can buy reliable vaping kits is They have awesome prices plus you can use some of these eCig-City discount codes to get even better price on your order.  

iii There’s no use to start vaping if you’re not smoking at the moment. However, if you’re an adult tobacco consumer, you should change to vaping. At the end of the day, vaping is going to keep the danger under control a lot better than smoking. Even the most passionate vaping critics agree on the fact that vaping is less harmful than smoking. 

iv We can’t tell anything about the long-term health risks connected to vaping as we have no clear evidence at the moment. Vaping is still new and we have only smoking to compare it with.

The debate is still on and the research is on the move. Don’t vape unless you’re smoking at the moment- that’s the advice we can give at the moment!
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