Warning Signs To Learn About Drug Addiction

 Drug addiction can rip apart families and ruin lives. It can often be difficult to know if your loved one is suffering from addiction. Here are a few warning signs to look out for to know if your loved one is addicted to drugs.

Change Of Sleep Patterns

You may not be around all of the time to experience your loved one's sleep cycle, but if they're sleeping much more than usual, there could be a problem. Drug abusers often sleep many hours as the drugs pulse through their body. Once they're awake, it's all about getting that fix again. They may seem sleepy and lethargic at work or social events. Of course, many people are sleep deprived, but a drug abuser will seem out of energy with everything they try to do from eating breakfast to taking out the trash. 

If you know they were once a person that thrived without much sleep, and are now sleeping a lot more, take a note. Similarly, places like orange county drug treatment can help the abuser get on the path to a better tomorrow.

Behaviour Changes

Drugs can often drastically change one's personality and behaviour. The person may not notice, but they may be acting irrationally and out of character. You may notice they are more irritable than usual and taking out their anger on those around them. They may be acting on impulse doing things out of the ordinary. Drugs alter their brain waves making them more lethargic or seem withdrawn. They may even act aggressively towards others trying to start arguments or fights.

Requesting to Borrow Money

It is usual for some people to ask for money for various things, but take note when it becomes repetitive. An abuser will usually do anything to get their next fix. Once they run out of their own money, they will go to any extent to get more money. This means asking to borrow money to those around them. They will often use many excuses to get this money. Take note and ask questions to see if they really need gas money or if it could be for something else. Drugs aren't cheap, and the deeper they get into them, the more money they will need to feed the addiction.

Physical Changes

You may notice simple or even drastic physical changes in a person abusing drugs. Their eyes may be bloodshot or have deep bags under them. Their skin tone will often seem very different than normal. Drugs abusers often lose drastic amounts of weight at a time due to their usage. Some drugs like methamphetamine and cocaine cause the body to speed up and lose weight. Sometimes teeth even seem off colour and may even fall out. An abuser will often look unkempt as if they no longer care about their appearance. The importance of their high takes precedence over how they look. 

Withdrawal From Social Groups

Drug abusers often have a whole new set of "friends." This new social group is interested in the same thing as them at the time: getting high. They will often pull away from their social group using many different excuses. You may think it's normal at first until you notice they're never around anymore. They will often lie saying they have to work or have family commitments. They're in a new world so hanging out with the usual social group could raise red flags and their secret could come out so it's safer for them to simply stay away.

Going On The Defense

If you notice an issue and ask your loved one about it, they may become defensive. Going on the defence is a normal trait for abusers. They may not understand the depth of their abuse or they may be trying to hide from everyone, including themselves. They don't want to admit they have a problem because that would mean someone would try to fix them. They will use every lie in the book to get you to back off and/or make you think they don't have a problem.

Neglecting Responsibilities

The drugs become number one in a drug abuser's life so responsibilities are often put aside. You may notice they're late to work and/or don't follow through at work. They may even put aside their children's' needs and not show up to family commitments. Broken promises are normal as they stray from dinner with family or forget to go to the grocery store to pick up things for their family. Things they did before like cutting the grass or getting their oil changed in their car become things that no longer matter to them. 

Get Help

It's important to get loved ones the help they need to fight their addiction. It is most important to seek help for such a dreadful matter. Treatment can mean life or death for those addicted to drugs.
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