Washable Reusable Face Masks In The USA
Sunday, 12 April 2020

 With all that is going on the world things are changing rapidly. All the texts and emails are now signed with "stay Safe". The corona virus has changed us for a while with social distancing and new sanitizing and protective measures. Just recently the Governor of New Jersey and California made it mandatory to wear protective face masks in public. The CDC or Center For Disease Control recommends wearing a cloth face mask in public for any reason and that includes going into public places but also for curbside pick ups and even exercising if there is a chance that you might come closer than six feet to people.

Mouth and Nose Masks arent just for your protection. THe biggest concern is that over 30% of the people that are infected with this new Covid flu don't have symptoms. This means that are contagious and most likely don't know it. Therefore if you are in a public place then you can be infecting people.
Southern Sisters Designs ships 4 layer cloth masks from the USA. any of the sites online are shipping from China which takes an extra long time. A lot of companies are thinking they can get them but can't so then they cancel orders after you have placed them. If you are looking for a US company that is stocking these and shipping out on a daily basis other than Sunday then check out the Health and Beauty section at Southern Sisters Designs. There are several different options to choose from along with hand sanitizers.
Many of the masks have the 4 layer cotton washable and reusable face masks USA and they have the protective carbon pm 2.5 filter than can be slid between the cotton layers for extra protection. It is also important to note that businesses owners will want these for their employees once the market starts to try and come back. Customers are going to feel safe if employees are wearing masks. From hair salons, spas, retail stores, gyms and on down the line will want protective face masks for germs, viruses and the flu. This is what will restore confidence in the consumer until normalcy starts to return to the market.
The average ship time on most order is 2 -3 days to process and 2-4 days shipping time. For those that want masks that are little different or fit your business theme or pattern you can see the different patterns that are available from simple black to pink, red, purple, designs, USA Flag, British & Canadian flag.
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