Wellness Of The Body and the Soul, Where To Look?
Thursday, 05 November 2020

 Wellness, is it just a physical thing? No, not really, it encompasses the heart, sprit, soul as well, every aspect of life. It is a journey, one that can be a roller coaster. Having a place where you can see reflections on things of the heart, sprit, soul and also find products that will help in that journey of wellness is a help. Where does katherineappello-inspiration come in? Glad you asked.

 Life is about balance, and if we do not address all aspects of what makes us feel well, at peace, then we are on a sea saw of sorts, tiling to one side. It is important to be able to balance for example faith and reason, emotions and reason, the physical and the emotional so on and so forth. That is not always an easy task, and sometimes we need a bit of help in this regard, which is why the Internet can be such a blessing. I also know it can be scattered, and finding tools for wellness on various levels is not always easy

When life threw me a few boomerangs and I realized that it is a journey, I decided to channel those boomerangs like fibromyalgia, adjusting my life to that, to do something that would be of help to others. I love to write poetry, songs and to impact life for the better through those means, so I created a blog to share insight, share poems, songs and see how I could turn what seemed like a negative into a positive. Thus the website was born. I decided recently to expand what I offered in terms of wellness to add to the site aromatherapy, and beauty products, such as skin care, products that were natural. I am hoping to expand to offer in the store meditations for example, seminars. I believe it is crucial to address various aspects of wellness.
Assisting other in this endeavor is a great privilege. How do we do this? For me, I do so on the blog, hub through the arts and products that will assist in the wellness journey. I hope you enjoy reading the blog and the shopping experience in this journey to holistic wellness and self. Please visit us at https://www.katheirneappello-inspiration.com May the journey be a deep one.
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