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What Health Issues Should You Watch Out for During the Covid-19 Pandemic?
Monday, 15 February 2021

Months of lockdowns, restrictions, and worry have led to most people changing their lifestyle and habits - in a lot of cases, for the worst. This has now begun to impact the general health of the population. As well as worrying about the risk of catching coronavirus, you also need to be aware of the other health concerns that are beginning to develop since the world began to shut down last year. Here are the issues that you should watch out for in you and your family throughout the coming months.

Weight Gain

Restrictions to the world’s daily movements have prevented many people from enjoying as much exercise as they are used to. Even though outdoor exercise has been allowed in most countries throughout the world for the majority of the last year, the closure of gyms and the lack of travel to offices and even on day trips have left many people doing less exercise than usual. This is also coupled with the fact that many people are eating more snacks and unhealthy comfort foods than they used to due to factors such as working from home. Although weight gain is natural and not something to be concerned about, excessive weight gain and unhealthy habits may lead to an increase in cases of diabetes and heart disease in the future. Then, you should make sure that you scrap takeaways, that you make an effort to eat a balanced diet, and that you try finding ways to exercise at home, such as using Youtube workouts as a guide.

Tooth Decay

In many parts of the world, dentists have been closed for non-essential appointments since early last year, and, even where they are open, some people may feel uncomfortable about visiting these services. However, with a lack of annual check-ups, and an increase in the number of sugary foods being consumed, there are some concerns that tooth decay could become an issue. This is because problems that would normally be found and treated early may develop into larger issues and may require surgery such as root canals. Then, to check that your family’s teeth are in good condition, you should visit a dentist at Hoover, AL. Family & Cosmetic Dentist | Stuart Curry Dentistry.

Mental Health Issues

However, not only is the world’s physical health at risk due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also their mental health. Mental health issues were already on the rise pre-COVID. However, now, due to the inability to perform the activities that they enjoy, isolation, and constant worry about their health and that of their friends and family, many people are suffering from conditions such as depression and anxiety. If you are struggling with your mental health, there are many resources that you can use online, such as mindfulness, meditation, and self-help guides. If self-help is not working, you should consider visiting your doctor, who may be able to refer you to a telephone counselling service.


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