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What is Diet-Induced Thermogenesis and How Can it be Used for Weight Loss?
Saturday, 20 January 2018

Diet-induced thermogenesis is the process of expending energy above the resting metabolic rate as a result of processing food either for use or for storage. Many who are familiar with the concept are able to proactively trigger thermogenesis, thereby increasing their calorie burn-rate.


When the temperature drops the body automatically responds by generating more heat, thus maintaining its own core temperature. Scientists call this cold-induced thermogenesis and this is another natural way of increasing metabolism, or calorie burn-rate. A study published in the United States showed that a person living in a room with a temperature of 16°C would burn an extra 160 calories in a day, whilst another US study suggested a more dramatic burn-rate of 250 calories per day at a room temperature of 19°C.

Foods That Can Increase Body Temperature

Whilst body heat generation to counter the effects of external temperature reduction is automatic, this process can be further induced by ingesting certain foods. These include the following:


The gnarled ginger root is one of the best sources of food for warming the body. Mixed with other ingredients it will transform any meal, but it can also be taken as ginger tea or consumed alone in crystallized form.


Peppers within the capsicum family, in particular chili peppers, are amongst the best-known spices for raising internal body temperatures. Cayenne pepper is known to be particularly effective, and is used in weight loss pills.

Green tea

Green tea contains flavonoids, which have anti-oxidant properties, as well as catechins. These and the caffeine which is also present give green tea its thermogenic properties.

Brown rice

Because it is a more complex carbohydrate than white starches such as bread, pasta or white rice, brown rice is metabolized more slowly which enables burn-rate to increase more effectively when it is digested.

Coconut Oil

This oil is rich in healthy saturated fats which break down in the body and convert into energy rather than simply being stored in fat cells. As a consequence of this the core temperature of the body is raised. Thus in spite of its relatively high calorie content coconut oil has widely-acknowledged thermogenic qualities.

Root vegetables

In particular kale, cabbage, yams, potatoes and carrots as these require more effort to digest than above-ground vegetables. As the body works to break these items down so energy is created which, through a process of thermogenesis, raises body temperature.


As well as being a valuable agent for increasing circulation and preventing blood clots, garlic provides a welcome temperature boost to assist weight loss.
Clearly the process of inducing thermogenesis for weight reduction should be used in conjunction with rather than as a substitute for a sensible diet and exercise routine. Nevertheless, when it is factored into a broader weight-loss program it can have a significant and positive impact upon your overall results.
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