What’s the Best Material for Medical Scrubs?
Wednesday, 01 April 2020

You must have seen people wear uniforms concerning their profession: police officers, doctors, and nurses, to name a few. But considering their responsibilities, some might have specific requirements as to how their uniforms are made.

For nurses, you might have seen different types of uniforms that they wear, as well as ones with colors. You might be thinking, what department they are from, or what they are responsible for in the hospitals where they work.

Medical scrubs have gone through a very diverse history and growth. Here is a breakdown of what scrubs are about:

A History of the Uniform

Uniforms in the medical profession were initially white, as they are in hospitals; this color allows people to see the cleanliness that they promise when it comes to people handling their health. There was talk that it affects surgeons' eyesight during operation, which is the reason why you now see scrubs with different colors.

Looking for the Right Fabric

There are different responsibilities that a medical professional may have and various departments that they may be assigned to. In this regard, it is best to be aware of these, as well as the fabric your scrubs should be made of, to make sure you’re comfortable with your work.


This particular fabric is comfortable regardless of the weather and has a soft feel to it. It is durable and even makes for a good fit.

Cotton often fades with repeated washes, so it is best to use a color-safe bleach when washing them. The weave needs to be focused on as well because if the design is loose, the easier that it might shrink. So when buying new medical scrubs, make sure to check the weave before choosing one.


Polyester has been known to resist shrinkage due to heat, which may happen if it goes through repeated washing and drying. It does generate static when it gets rubbed repeatedly against surfaces, but if you use fabric softener, it will lessen the static.


Nurses are often required to go from different departments that may be on different floors, so it is best to make sure that the fabric of their scrubs is resistant to sweat. It is lightweight and is not susceptible to sagging.


Rayon is mainly known to be very absorbent. It looks soft, but is durable, and come in different qualities. Rayon fabric has specific wash instructions like other fabrics, so make sure to follow them. For rayon, make sure to put them on a delicate cycle and do not put them through the dryer.
Best Blends

If polyester and cotton are combined, the resulting blend helps keeps the scrub's shape and resists any stains from forming or wrinkles occurring. The cotton in the blend keeps the scrubs absorbent and comfortable. It will not be as absorbent as cotton, but the balance is there.

With the blend of polyester and rayon, the resulting fabric is durable, but the shape is maintained. Make sure the wash is set to a cold and gentle cycle.


Depending on the hospital that you might work in, it is best to take note of any requirements that they may have when it comes to the scrubs that you should be wearing. If you are aware of the responsibilities that you might have, this is also the best way for you to decide what fabric you should choose.
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