What should I do if I got sewage in my eyes?
Saturday, 23 November 2019

Hmmm…. First, get relaxed and then properly flush your eyes in case of getting sewage in your eyes.Human sewage is the home for Pathogens. The bacteria and viruses present in this sewage are addicted to the human body and easily infect humans again. Pathogens harmlessly present in certain areas of the human body can seriously infect the other areas of the body. Sewage also contains pathogens from animals and these can also infect humans and cause harm.


Eye infection is very uncomfortable and it feels like having small grains of glass in eyes. The infected eye turns red and gets a condition called conjunctivitis in which the tissues around the eye become swollen and red.

Causes of an eye infection:

There are many causes of an eye infection:

Water surfing irritates the eyes.
Seawater, bright light, sand, wind, and dust can cause inflammation to the eyes.
When these inflamed eyes come in contact with sewage water, the bacteria and viruses present in this water badly infect the inflamed areas.

Adenovirus is a particular type that causes nasty infection of eyes.

Symptoms of an eye infection:

Eye infections turn out badly and these can cause real damage to your eyes and vision. The common symptoms of eye infection are:

Red eyes
Watery eyes
Eye discharge
Swollen eyes
Blurry vision
Light sensitivity

How to treat eye infected with sewage water?

Eyes have natural protection against infections. Eyelashes, eyebrow ridges, eyelashes, and tears collectively compose a safety system that is although not foolproof but works effectively. When particles, liquid, or any object gets in, this safety system flushes it out automatically.

But sometimes this infection affects interior portions of the eye and can turnout in eye complications. That is why it is really important to treat eye infection properly to avoid complications. By adopting very basic hygiene habits you can avoid and treat most of the eye infections caused by sewage water and pollution. You can easily treat eye infections by using eye drops.

Some do’s and don’ts to remember for eye infection:

You need to do following actions in case of having eye infection:

Flush out the eyes with warm (not hot) water for up to 10 minutes.
After every few minutes stop to check if the eyes are thoroughly flushed or not.
You can fill the pan with water and dip the face in the water while blinking.
You can avoid the chances of catching common pathogenic eye infections by using cleansers and anti-infective sprays.
Wash your hands properly before touching your eyelids or eyes and before handling the contact lenses.
Rubbing or pressing eyes during infection can make matters even more badly. It may cause corneal abrasion and it is very painful.

Is it necessary to call a doctor?

If after flushing your eyes, or after using an eye-drop you cannot feel batter or irritation, redness, abnormal vision, or pain remains continued; in this situation, you will more likely need medical help. Visit an ophthalmologist for proper checkup and treatment.
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