Who is CBD Beneficial For?
Wednesday, 04 March 2020

 By now, you’ve probably heard of CBD oil. It's available everywhere, and it claims to cure just about any problem you can have. 

 CBD oils of all kinds, like cherry CBD strain, have been shown to boost mood, decrease stress, and treat anxiety for all kinds of different people.

If you are having trouble finding a solution to your problems, this natural solution may be the answer for you! But are there specific groups of people that CBD is particularly effective for? The answers may surprise you.

People with Health Conditions

CBD has been shown to help with a wide range of health conditions. Researchers have a long way to go, but there are all kinds of anecdotal stories. The good news is that more and more studies are coming out all the time to show these benefits. So it might not be long until there’s scientific proof that CBD can help people with the following conditions: 

Depression and Anxiety

For people that suffer from anxiety, CBD has been shown to work as a valid relaxation method. In particular, it helps reduce stress after a strenuous day of physical or mental activity. It treats depression in a way that is very similar to anxiety. People who suffer from depression have reported that CBD has improved their general outlook on life. 


People with epilepsy suffer from chronic seizures that can strike at any place, at any time. There have been a lot of recent studies that show a decrease in the frequency of seizures in people who take small amounts of CBD regularly. 

Chronic Pain 

Suffering from chronic pain can make every day a struggle. It may make it impossible to sit at a desk and get work done at your job. Or it may make it hard to enjoy your free time with friends and family.

CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation. It also helps relax the muscles in your body and increases the performance of your blood vessels. All of this can help make the pain go away and bring more joy to your life. 


CBD is helpful for professional athletes for a wide range of reasons:

  • It treats chronic pain when athletes suffer injuries. This is especially helpful for athletes in high contact sports. Getting addicted to painkillers or relying too heavily on OTC medication is a common problem for athletes suffering from injuries. CBD offers a natural and healthier alternative to these options.
  • It helps athletes rest. In addition to physical pain, athletes deal with lots of anxiety. Their seasons bring a grueling schedule. This can include overnight flights across the country to play a game the next day. Odd hours and constant traveling can lead to sleep disorders. Luckily, CBD has been shown to regulate sleep schedules by reducing stress. 
  • It helps athletes lose weight and stay in shape. This can be important for players that need to slim down for their game. Researchers believe this happens because CBD alters the body’s fat cells and burns excess fat.  

People with High Stress

Many people with demanding jobs have difficulty finding time to relieve their stress. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time to exercise, cook a healthy meal, and get a full night’s sleep. Luckily, CBD helps people relax and get their minds off of work at the end of the day.


Finally, the last group that CBD treats is pets. That’s right! We’re talking about your cat or dog at home. It has been shown to stimulate appetites in pets with eating disorders. If your dog is restless and anxious when you leave it home alone, you can use CBD to calm them down. That way, your pet is less stressed while you're away.

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