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Why Owning an Electric Bike is Not Cheating
Sunday, 25 April 2021

With the recent trend towards electric bikes, there's been much mention of how an electric bike can be seen as "lazy" or "cheating" on your exercise. Through analysis of bikers who have switched to the popular electric bike, data has revealed that this is far from true. If you're considering getting yourself an electric bike but are scared of feeling lazy or uncommitted to a workout routine, don't worry! You might find yourself working out much more than before.

Electric bike

The Motor Only Works With Your Help

The first myth that is associated with electric bikes is that the motor is what's pushing you along. While it's true that the motor offers pedal assistance up to a certain speed, there is still work to be done. Electric bike riders still have to expend a decent amount of energy to keep the bike going which will keep your body in shape and supplement your need for activity throughout the day.
Some studies have even shown that ebikes offer more fitness benefits than conventional bikes. Though there is assistance with pedaling, it might be that assistance that pushed bikers to go faster for longer. People who use electric bikes for their commute tend to experience greater oxygen uptakes and better aerobic fitness than those who do not.

Ride More Often

A study conducted and published on the official website of the University of Colorado Boulder showed that people who were given electric bikes for riding purposes were much more likely to go for a ride. In the same time span as those who were given conventional bikes, the people who received electric bikes racked up almost twice as many hours a week as asked.
There have been multiple studies conducted that have shown the same results. If someone has access to an electric bike, they are much more willing and likely to ride and rack up miles on it than with a conventional bike. This is likely due to the laid-back nature of an electric bike, but more activity in smaller doses is better than heavier workouts less often. You can find the latest electric bike reviews at

Cut Back on Emissions

So, riding an electric bike is certainly not cheating. Another issue that many bikers encounter with comparing electric bikes to conventional bikes is that the electric bike is not a one-for-one swap. Electric bikes were designed and created for the purpose of replacing cars for commuting. They have been designed to pedal up to certain speeds so that people could more easily find alternatives to cars and vehicles that emit CO2.
Essentially, an electric bike is a fantastic alternative to its competitor - cars. Electric bikes get you out of the house and place you in an environment where activity is abundant. They transform your commute into a mini workout and provide more incentive to get out of the house. If you're worried that having an ebike will hurt your workout routine, don't be. It might even be better for your physical health than the conventional bike and it certainly is better than riding in a car.
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