You Might Have Been Using the Wrong Condom and Here Is what to do

Sexually transmitted infection and unwanted pregnancy was the order of the day decades ago. As a matter of fact, a series of infections were transmitted via sex, and the number of children born out of wedlock was alarming. However, with the emergence of condoms, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as unwanted pregnancies, have reduced drastically over the last few decades.

 You obviously don’t need a soothsayer to know that condom is like a messiah in our sex lives. It has saved us from every sexually transmitted infection while reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancies.

Despite the role condom is playing to make sex safe, there are still instances when people contact STIs and have unwanted pregnancies after using it. What could be the reason? The only explanation for this is that you might have been using the wrong condom.

Signs That You Might Have Been Using the Wrong Condom

Generally, condom differs in sizes, length and wide. So, if you are using a condom and notice any of the following, you are definitely using the wrong condom.

#1. When the Condom Is Too Long

Ordinarily, the condom you are using ought to have fit into your penis perfectly. However, when it is too long, it can fit into the penis very well. Unfortunately, most condom length and penis length aren’t always the same.

 It might interest you to know that about 60 percent of men suffer from constriction and discomfort during sex when the condom is too long.
However, you can bunch up your condom if the length bothers you. Bunching the extra materials on your condom will reduce the constriction and discomfort you feel during sex.

#2. When the Condom Is Too Short

Another good sign that you might be using the wrong condom is when it is too short. It is as good as not using a condom at all because the user stands a higher chance of having sexually transmitted infection. Also, the likelihood of pregnancy when you use a short condom is very high.

A condom is described as too short when the user can only roll it up to about three-quarter (3/4) of their penis size. In a situation like this, the possibility of the condom sliding off during sex is very high.

Outside the discomfort, chances of STI and pregnancy, when a condom is too short, it can decrease pleasure for both partners, thus, bringing about a disinclination to use protection in the next sex escapade.

#3. When the condom is too Loose or Too Big

Even when people are of the opinion that big condoms are better, this is only applicable to people with a big penis. As a matter of fact, nothing is as frustrating as wearing a big condom when you have an average or small penis.

According to Durex, a popular condom brand, “Your condom is too big if it slips off easily or it feels too baggy.” So, if you ever experience any of these two during sex, just know that you might have been using the wrong condom.

Obviously, you can’t get the adequate protection using a baggy or slippery condom. It can neither defend you against STI nor block your sperm from entering into your partner.

Sadly, about 15 to 20 percent of men suffer from this. However, asnugger fit condom can solve this problem.

#4. When Condom is too tight

Tight condoms can also cause restriction and discomfort. In fact, when you use it, you will be robbed of the pleasure associated with having sex. Also, a tight condom may lose an erection, thus affecting your performance in bed.
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