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Your Dogs Uncontrolled Itching Is Just The Beginning of The Disease
Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Do you consistently find your dog having a bit of a scratch? Well, it maybe your dog is not only itchy but has a scratching problem. Dogs have a lot of behaviors and scratching is one of those things that all dog owner should spend more time coming to understand because, without basic knowledge of why your dog scratches and what he’s doing, you might miss important symptomes of illness.

It is a common for all dogs to scratch at some time and many dogs do so as for idle recreation. But if your find your dog scratching but no fleas, it may be the sign of something a little more serious, and therefore it is important you identifythe cause erly to avoid any long-term problems or medical conditions which could occur.

You might consider putting your dog on a raw diet .

There are several causes of uncontrolled dog and scratching, some of the most common are:
Parasites: The most common of all the parasites is the common flea, but it is not the only little nasty that can cause your pup problems. Ticks, mites and gnats can also be the cause of your pooch scratching and in sunmer, flies. The good news is that most parasites can be effectively controlled with medication.
Infection: If you notice a greasy sore or a red patch that may or may not be hairless your dog is likely to be suffering from an infection caused by bacteria, fungi or yeast.
Environmental: Another cause of itching can quite simply be something in the environment arround the dog. Perhaps given it is summer your dog has been playing in the water a lot? It could, therefore, be a reaction to the soil or even from just being outside. Environmental causes can be an irritation, or it could be caused by an allergic reaction.
Allergenic: Just like humans can suffer from allergic reaction so also are dogs. It can be hard to correctly self-diagnose dog skin allergies yourself as there are a range of different cause, from foods to plants, dust, and fleas. All allergies can lead to skin irritation and therefor cause your dog to itch.
Nutritional: Since we mentioned food allergies in the last point, it is worth continuing with the nutritional aspect of the food. Dogs require a balanced diet of the right nutrients to stay healthy. A dog with a bad diet may dvelop eczema and suffer from dry skins or sores. Improving the diet of your dog will help improve this condition.
Although we have listed some causes if itching above, the best way to determine what the cause of the probel is to take your dog to the vet. However, some of the treatments for itchy dogs can include a course of antibiotics and use of anti-itch medicine for dogs,antifungal cream to treat an infection, and change of the diet or environment to deal an allergy and a flea treatment or other similar medication to treat fleas and parasites.
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