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How Technology Has Improved The Detection Of Cancer
Tuesday, 08 December 2020

According to statistics, about 600,000 die from cancer every year in the US and then another 80,000 in Canada. These numbers alone speak volumes on how dangerous cancer is and why people should exert time and effort to ensure that they live a cancer-free life.

One of the reasons why thousands of people die from cancer every year is because the disease can be very difficult to detect. Also, not all cancers come with visible symptoms, and when a person does notice these symptoms, the cancer cells have already multiplied and affected different areas of their body. The later the detection is, the challenging it can be for anyone to treat cancer.

Rolling Back the Years: How To Feel 21 Again
Monday, 07 December 2020

As you grow older your body will change, you’ll start to slow down and you will be forced to endure more aches and pains on a daily basis. This is just the natural course of ageing, which is why you shouldn’t worry too much about the fact that you don’t feel like a young, energetic and sprightly 21-year-old anymore.

You might not be able to step back in time and relive those moments of your youth, but you can re-create how it felt to be that young. Yes, it’s true — you can feel 21 again! If you want to roll back the years in this sense, be sure to put the following advice into practice.
Basic Guide To How A CPAP Machine Works
Wednesday, 02 December 2020

 Sleep apnea is a very common sleep disorder experienced by so many individuals today. Not only does this affect the sufferer themselves, but also those who sleep in the same room with them. Fortunately, technology isn’t blind to this as there are now gadgets in place that aim to combat sleep apnea. One of these is what’s known as the CPAP machine.

How You Can Stay Hydrated Following Exercise
Tuesday, 01 December 2020

Regular exercise is key to maintaining a good life. However, if you regularly indulge in strenuous physical activities and fail to increase your fluid intake while doing so, you are potentially setting yourself up for dehydration. Exercising and suffering from dehydration at the same time is a very dangerous scenario that can result in serious injuries or even death. That’s why hydration is crucial before, during, and after workout.

Common Causes for Low Libido Production
Monday, 30 November 2020

Several factors can cause low libido. From indulging in a lot of drinking to taking a lot of stress, many factors affect the men's sexual urges. Here are some common causes of low libido production in men.

Low libido refers to men's ability to get less urge for sex. Managing the stress and indulging in a healthy lifestyle can help you increase libido production. Low libido can also cause issues such as erectile dysfunction. Understanding the common causes of libido production and taking steps to tackle them can improve your sexual performance. After consulting the doctor, you can start using prescription medication such as knightwood male enhancement pills to increase bed performance. Increased libido can help you get more sexual urges and perform better in bed.
5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Doctor
Thursday, 26 November 2020

We rely on medical professionals to take care of us when we’re at our most vulnerable, but finding the right doctor isn’t always easy. With so many clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices to choose from, how do you know which practitioner is best for you? If you’re searching for a new doctor, take a look at these five things you should always consider:

3 "Healthy" Foods that Could Actually be Bad for You
Wednesday, 25 November 2020

A lot of what we know about nutrition comes from marketing and the food pyramid. There’s even evidence to show that it has been corrupted by various industries, and is now more about good lobbying than actual science. This has led us to have all sorts of false ideas about food in general.

One is the idea that low-fat or low-calorie items are always better for you. The food industry understands this and knows how to capitalize on food trends. They will do all that it takes for their product to retain the same qualities, however, but that usually means replacing the fat or sugar with something that is just as unhealthy or worse. Then there are foods that we just assume are good for us, but aren't. Let's take a look at a few seemingly healthy foods that could actually be bad for you.
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