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10 Great Benefits From Replacing Your Windows
Saturday, 18 September 2021

There are very few home renovation projects that offer quite as many long-lasting benefits as replacing your windows. And, although a new set of windows is a considered purchase, you can expect them to deliver a great return on investment.

So, if your current windows are starting to look drab and display signs of wear and tear and you have the funds available, it’s well worth considering having them replaced. Even if you feel that replacing your windows is currently out of your price range, it’s worth bearing in mind that many of today’s market-leading window companies offer generous finance options to help you cover the cost in manageable installments.

Another thing to think about is the vast choice of styles, designs and configurations available. uPVC is the most popular choice when it comes to window frames, whilst double-glazing remains the favourite glazing specification, as it delivers excellent energy efficiency at a modest price. Whichever window company you hire, you’ll have countless options when it comes to finish, design and security features.

And, no matter what type of windows you decide on for your property, they’ll bring about many benefits for you and your home for years to come. Want to know more? Here are 10 advantages you can enjoy if you choose to have your windows replaced right now ...

More Kerb Appeal

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit that a new set of windows will provide: enhancing the look and saleability of your home. Drab, decaying windows won’t do your property any favours. The simple act of replacing them with more contemporary equivalents can take years off an aging home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Older windows can develop cold spots and lose their capability to retain warmth, resulting in heat loss and in turn, higher energy bills. Conversely, their newer counterparts are engineered for greater energy efficiency.
With relatively little maintenance, your new windows should keep your home warm and toasty in the winter and suitably cool during the sweltering summer months. So, if you want to enjoy a more comfortable home and more comfortably-affordable heating bills, it’s time to replace those tired windows!

Easy Operation

Over time, the mechanisms used to open older windows can become damaged, which can mean they’ll require an extra shove to open properly. Or, they may only open part of the way - or not at all. Replacing them with brand-new alternatives neatly alleviates any such problems. Newer window models are designed for trouble-free operation. So, next time you need to let in a little fresh air, you won’t need to exert yourself.

Draft Prevention

A common bugbear among the owners of older properties is pesky drafts entering the property through the windows. Cold, unwanted drafts can make it difficult to get comfortable in your own home. Fortunately, today’s windows are far more adept than their predecessors at keeping chilling drafts at bay. So, if you opt for a new set, you can wave goodbye to drafts!

A More Secure Home

Many older window models are relatively insecure when compared to their modern counterparts. That’s because the majority of new windows feature powerful security features such as double-locking, interlocks and of course, higher-strength glass - all of which provide a more effective deterrent for any would-be intruders - and much-needed peace of mind for you.
More Natural Light
New windows also outperform their predecessors when it comes to making the most of natural light. Modern windows will help ensure that the interior of your home receives a good level of natural sunlight, which can help reduce the need for artificial light, leading to further savings on your electricity bills!

UV Protection

Whilst a little more sunshine is a welcome prospect for most homeowners, the UV rays that come with it can cause a range of problems, such as fading floors, walls and furnishings. Not to fear, however, as most modern windows provide excellent protection from UV rays. For optimal protection, you should consider double or triple-glazed windows, with argon.

A Clear View

Older windows often bear signs of damage such as marks, smudges, cracks, condensation and damp, all of which can spoil the view both inside and out. All the aforementioned issues can be eliminated in one fell swoop, simply by replacing your windows. Once the new units are installed, you might just be surprised by the sheer clarity of the view before you!

Easier Cleaning

Whilst modern windows still require periodic cleaning to maintain their looks, they’re far less susceptible to condensation than their older equivalents. As such, wiping away the buildup of dirt and grime now and then is really all you need to do to keep them looking great. And, in fact, with just a little basic care, you can expect your new windows to continue looking their best for a decade or more after installation.

Block Out Extraneous Noise

If you want your home to be a sanctuary where you can retreat from the stressors of the world and enjoy a little peace and quiet, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, little distractions such as your neighbour’s band practice, the garden party next door - and the loudest dog on the street can all make it difficult to just sink into a chair and get lost in your thoughts.
As luck would have it, the latest window technology is highly effective at blocking out extraneous noises. So much so that the typical sounds of a lively neighbourhood should fade pleasantly into the background. Ah, bliss …

Thanks for Reading and Good Luck!

We hope you enjoyed our latest article and now have a better understanding of the key benefits from purchasing a brand new set of windows. Remember, this list is not exhaustive. We simply curated what we considered to be the greatest benefits; you may well discover many others after upgrading!
Before committing to hiring a company to replace your existing windows, we recommend doing your homework. Check out the websites, customer reviews, credentials and social feeds of any companies you are considering.
Don’t be afraid to reach out to a few different companies and ask for quotes, or a more detailed breakdown of their products and services to help you make an informed decision. No matter what you ultimately decide, we wish you the very best of luck with your window replacement journey.
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