10 Hacks For Making Your Home More Luxe

 Everyone wants a space that exudes comfort, luxury, and sophistication. 

 However, it is not all the times that you will afford to hire a world-class interior designer to do the magical transformations in your home. Whether you are looking to put up your home for sale or in need of some fresh updates to your living paces, you do not have to spend big to get big results. Below are ten inexpensive tips that will help transform your home into a luxurious and expensive living. 

1. Freshen It Up with Flowers

Fresh cut flowers from your garden or grocery store can be all your need tod sophistication. However, this will come down to how you arrange the flowers and the type of vase you will use. Coffee table and bookshelves are ideal spots to display your flower vases. Try picking one colour scheme like elegant white orchids and separate the bouquet by stem then create several small arrangements to spread around your home. Trimmings of a tree or plant placed casually on a table or floor vase will also brighten up the space making it feel like home.

2. Add Gold

Gold is the colour of wealth, status, and success and often associated with knowledge and wisdom. A little touch of gold décor will make a simple decoration look expensive. You can add gold décor to an old mirror, trays vases, or picture frame by spraying gold paint to create a luxurious environment. The gold paint will bring the attention of these pieces and will make you feel empowered.

3. Hang it High

Luxurious homes have high ceilings. The trick is to hang fabric as close enough to the ceiling as possible never directly above the window frame-in order to create an optical illusion. The higher the curtains, the higher your ceiling appears and the bigger and loftier the space will feel. Add sheer curtains that soften the light coming in and fills the room with cosy and expensive warmth. 

4. Go for Rugs

Ground your furniture with a statement-making rug. Not only does it bring everything together, but also lays the foundation and sets stage for the rest of the room. A cosy rug adds the much needed texture, warmth, and colour to a room. Adding Turkish rugs and wooden furniture are great DIY tips for making your home look luxury. The larger the rug, the more custom and luxurious the house looks. 

5. Swap the Lampshade

Give your home a personalized look by swapping your lampshade covers for different options. There are more affordable options in the market that will add dimension and make a big-box store lamp appear unique and special. Besides lampshades, you can replace the bulbs and fittings of your pendants to provide good lighting that will transform the ambience of your home to a comfortable and tranquil haven. 

6. Take Care of the Walls

Nothing gives your home a personalized and custom vibe than perfectly hued walls. Painting an entire room or a single wall in your home gives a major impact to the space. Although white walls and dove grey cabinets are known for their simple and expensive touch, you can add some pointers by choosing the right paint colour for every room. You can add wall murals to create themed backgrounds that will help spaces look bigger, personalized, and lavish. 

7. Add a Marble Finish

Marble signifies wealth having been used throughout human history to represent luxury. In Europe, marble has had a leading position and strong relationship with culture having been used in masterpieces including the David by Michelangelo. Add a marble printed contact paper finish to furniture in your bedroom, home office, and living room. 

8. Throw Down Pillows

Throw pillows that match the fabric and texture of your sofa, chair, and drapes will certainly make your space feel flat. Swapping the bland throw pillows for a variety of colours, texture, and sizes will help add dimension to your home. Even if you are colour-averse, adding in a few hues with silky and velvety texture that are a slight variation of the neutrals already present will liven up the space. 

9. Create a Personalized Artwork

If the only painting options you have left are prefabricated pieces, you can create your own pieces to match the décor in your home. Make use of the paint pits you have in your store to create your own gallery of artwork. You can use an abstract to make the artwork look high end. This will make your spaces look unique and exquisite. 

10. Include Vintage Collections

Finding second hand vintage pieces at an affordable price and repainting them in luxurious bold shades or fancy bright colours will give your home and an antique yet expensive impression. Everyone knows the value of vintage furniture thus having large and few vintage pieces will give a minimalist look.
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