3 Crucial Maintenance Tips for Your Home's Heating
Wednesday, 04 November 2020

Having a warm, comfortable home is essential as it starts to get colder and darker outside, but making sure that your home’s heating system is working as it should needs regular attention. It’s never enjoyable when you have an unexpected problem with your heating, so to avoid this from happening, read on for some crucial maintenance suggestions to keep in mind.

Check out your thermostat

A thermostat is one of the most helpful tools for keeping your home’s heating and internal environment regulated properly. It’s never a good idea to let your home get too cold – not only is it an uncomfortable setting to be in, but it can also have some very harmful effects on your health and well-being. A cold and damp home can impact your immune system, making you more susceptible to seasonal illnesses and even lead to more serious conditions if ignored over a long time.
Likewise, an overheated home can also be unpleasant, too, so to find the right balance, you should check that your thermostat controls are working correctly. You can also review heating settings, such as the days and times when you may need more or less heating, or consider remote thermostats that allow you to control the settings from outside your home, as well as making sure that temperature settings are accurate.

Review forced air systems

As well as having the right temperature, another important aspect of a safe and healthy heating system is the air quality that is circulating through your home. If you have a forced air system in your house, then it is imperative to check and maintain any filters and airways present to keep the air quality as clean as possible.
While some tasks, such as replacing filters, can often be done by a layperson, you may need specialist help for other aspects — for instance, in cleaning out or inspecting technical parts of the system. A service provider such as moncriefair.com can be a great resource for suggestions.

Maintain your radiators

Radiators have evolved a long way in recent years, and you can find all kinds of shapes, styles and colors to choose from. You can even dress up unsightly looking radiator systems to help them fit into your home’s décor. However, while they may look a little more different on the outside, they still require the same kind of regular attention that they’ve always needed.
Before the cooler weather sets in, it’s wise to check the pressure and water temperature of any hot water heating systems in the home, and check that the circulation is working optimally throughout. Radiators will often have a build up of air that needs purging, and in worse cases, they may also have an accumulation of debris that needs to be cleaned out.
This can prevent corrosion and other internal damage and help them to perform most efficiently. While some of these tasks can be done easily by a homeowner, often it’s best to ask someone more experienced.
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